A psychiatrist who works with exorcists

…writes a piece for the WaPo about this disturbing work: My subject’s behavior exceeded what I could explain with my training. She could tell some people their secret weaknesses, such as undue pride. She knew how individuals she’d never known had died, including my mother and her fatal case of ovarian cancer. Six people later [Read More…]

Ross Douthat on Ghosts and Other Tales of the Unexplained…

…and the psychological lengths our secular chattering classes go to deny their experiences to keep the world safely materialistic. [Read more…]

Marytown, the Shroud of Turin, and Me

Marytown will be hosting the Shroud of Turin Exhibit again: Funny story: The last time, Marytown hosted the Shroud Exhibit, they had me out to give a talk on Private Revelation in preparation for its arrival. Outside, their reader board said “MARK SHEA SHROUD EXHIBIT”. I felt bad raising people’s hopes like that. Mike Flynn has a [Read More…]


This is a pretty ooky: But this is extraordinarily ooky (watch to the end for the wallop): The woman in the video says (and I see no particular reason to doubt her) that this is the nickname her recently deceased grandmother called her when she was a little girl and that her four year did [Read More…]

Francis inspires rising tide of exorcists and exorcisms

Francis’ respect for and practical belief in the reality of the demonic has allowed people who were hitherto shy about discussing the devil and similar facts to come out of the woodwork and ask for the graces and helps the Church provides in confronting Old Scratch. This includes exorcisms and there has been a corresponding [Read More…]

Jane Goodall Thinks Bigfoot is Real

Today’s crypto-zoology bombshell. I don’t have strong views on  this.  My wife has a friend who says she saw Bigfoot once.  So there’s that. Also the uber-reliable Daily Mail reports that a geneticist named Brian Sykes has done DNA analyses of the descendants of a 19th Century Siberian apewoman and thinks she was a yeti. [Read more…]

Mysterious Voice calls for help in fatal crash

God, under carefully controlled laboratory conditions, can do whatever he likes. [Read more…]

Anomalous Events that Shake Skepticism

God is incorrigibly personal and does stuff like this. [Read more…]

If we don’t accept the Gospel of Thomas, why accept the Shroud of Turin

A reader writes: I enjoyed your talk today about what was in the bible and why i.e. Churches were using some documents like Luke but not Thomas etc. Those “new” documents found in the second century that were “secretly” taught were rejected. I was wondering your thought on the shroud of Turin since it is [Read More…]

Every Country Needs a Cool Mysterious Lake Monster

Here’s a story on Iceland’s, complete with some pretty convincing video that there’s something in that lake (snake? eel?  Nessie’s cousin?) [Read more…]