John OIiver is trying to save our internet access again

He’s completely right and these guys are trying to royally screw you (NSFW): [Read more…]

The Windows 10 Atonement Upgrade has been achieved!

Windows 8 is now a thing of the past.  So far, Windows 10 seems to be fine.  If I suddenly disappear for hours, days, or weeks, it will be because I was wrong about Windows 10 being fine. Prayers, please, as join millions of other guinea pigs in this grand experiment by Microsoft to atone [Read More…]

So! Disqus! Threat or Menace?

I’m getting a number of bad reports about Disqus from readers struggling to log in or having trouble commenting.  One Patheos writer reports her traffic dropped precipitously after they installed it and it looks to me like the number of comments here has dropped (though I couldn’t say if the readership has cuz I am [Read More…]

Patheos is Updating the Comboxes…

…to Disqus.  So bear with us! [Read more…]

Apologies for the Evil Algorithms

So the way a site like this works, in part, is that it data mines the conversations for whatever is under discussion and then appears to dip into the pool of ads for whoever has bought ad space here, computes the algorithms, and then sticks up ads that the software guesses might be of interest [Read More…]