Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Calvinist Eisegesis

A reader writes: The notion that the rich man is being punished for something he did (or did not do) to Lazarus is completely fanciful. Lazarus hung round the gate so that he would get fed the leftovers from the rich people. There is no reason in the actual text of the parable to assume the [Read More...]

It’s stories like this…

…that make me grateful to have a Magisterium and a bit of quality control due to being  part of a big old Church where certain stuff is Simply Not the Done Thing.  It is not (obviously) a system without flaws and, as kooks like Abp Milingo demonstrate from time to time, kooks can be put [Read More...]

Thank God for Gutsy Bishops

St. Thomas a Becket, another gutsy bishop, pray for Cdl. George. We ask this through Christ our Lord. [Read more...]

Our Faith is a Natural Home for Beauty

Because God is Beauty. [Read more...]