Just a note of thanks to the zillions of kind people out there

…who have written to express such kindness and mercy and to buy my books and give financial support in various ways. I’m buried under an avalanche of kind letters and phone calls from merciful people.  Which is why I’m so slow getting back to you.  Please bear with me.  Plus, I have stuff I need [Read More…]


is under discussion over at the National Catholic Register. To that, I want to add my gratitude for the work of Karl Keating and Catholic Answers.  He is really and truly the Patriarch of the Renaissance of Apologetics in the US (and, to be honest, the world) in the years after Vatican II when that [Read More…]

A Washington Thanksgiving

What is there to say to God for the family, the world and the life he has given me but, “Thank you!” God bless you this Thanksgiving! [Read more…]

A Returning Catholic Expresses Her Gratitude for Holy Church

She writes: You did a masterful job in your reply to this poor soul who expressed his questioning faith. As a Catholic who left the Church( regretfully)  almost 50 years ago and have now  returned, (I must say joyfully). My questions, my searching, my reluctance –all have evaporated in the face of once again being [Read More…]

Jan Here. In the words of Uncle Billy, “I’m all right! I’m alllllll right!”

Thank you all so very much for your prayers and support. Apparently the goo in our eyes thickens and clumps with age. For most people it is an unnoticed event.I had to tear a blood vessel in the process (which accounts for the streams of black across my left vision field). The concern was that [Read More…]

A few gratitudes

A bit late, but thanks never goes out of style. [Read more…]

One month

A month ago, my mom, Phyllis Shea, died. In the intervening time, I was astonished at the outpouring of love, prayers, sympathy, compassion, and thoughtfulness from you guys, for which I am deeply grateful and which I can never adequately repay. I’ve been, as you might guess, a bit overwhelmed since then what with one [Read More…]

There is more rejoicing in heaven tonight…

…because the Shepherd has found the one lost lamb. [Read more…]

Every Friday Morning at the Pentagon

Read this and say thanks to a vet. [Read more…]

Deepest Thanks

…. from the fambly Shea to all you amazing people who are so generous.  Thanks for helping out during the Tin Cup Rattle, as well as helping my friend. You guys are amazing.  God bless you through our Lord Jesus Christ! [Read more…]