A few gratitudes

A bit late, but thanks never goes out of style. [Read more...]

One month

A month ago, my mom, Phyllis Shea, died. In the intervening time, I was astonished at the outpouring of love, prayers, sympathy, compassion, and thoughtfulness from you guys, for which I am deeply grateful and which I can never adequately repay. I’ve been, as you might guess, a bit overwhelmed since then what with one [Read More...]

There is more rejoicing in heaven tonight…

…because the Shepherd has found the one lost lamb. [Read more...]

Every Friday Morning at the Pentagon

Read this and say thanks to a vet. [Read more...]

Deepest Thanks

…. from the fambly Shea to all you amazing people who are so generous.  Thanks for helping out during the Tin Cup Rattle, as well as helping my friend. You guys are amazing.  God bless you through our Lord Jesus Christ! [Read more...]

Four Things I Didn’t Expect

…from my apology the other day: 1. Reconciliation with Steve Kellmeyer, who was the soul of graciousness in my comboxes. 2. Hearing from a dear friend who, unbeknownst to me, had been hurt by me being an idiot. That meant a lot too. 3. At least two pieces on the web, here (from the typically [Read More...]


There’s no way on earth I can thank all the people who responded to my apology, so please let this stand as my thanks to everybody who wrote with such mercy and kindness.  My wife asked how I was yesterday.  I told her I was waiting to see if the incision healed without infection.  Some [Read More...]

Last Saturday

Spent the morning reading and then doing the autopsy on this Christmas’ piece of Catholic-bashing literary sewage, A Testament of Mary.  Synopsis: verbally gifted Irish ex-Catholic uses Mary as a sock puppet for pouring out all his bitterness at the Catholic Church.  Our Chattering Classes think this will “forever transform our view of Mary”.  File under: [Read More...]

Something else to be grateful for…

Patrick Leahy retracting the latest attempt to turn the US into the USSR. Well done, Sen. Leahy. [Read more...]

Deep and Sincere Thanks!

All of us at Chez Shea want to thank youse guys for your amazing and beautiful generosity to us during the recent Tin Cup Rattle. We are, I hope, out of the woods for the nonce and, I hope, will not have to do this again (God willing) ever. I hate having to do them. [Read More...]