Had a lovely weekend!

Drove down to Enumclaw (past “Flaming Geyser Park” a name that evokes wonder and curiosity) and got the guys from a week long Scout camp. Worked on an Afterword for By What Authority? (it’s being revised and expanded and re-published in a new edition by Ignatius) as Jan did the driving. Then we headed north [Read More...]

Amazing Nuns, How Sweet the Sound…

Catholic Herald (UK) writer Mary O’Regan is now doing a story on Amazing Nuns, who are still living. If you know of someone you would like to mention, the best way is to add a comment in the web page at the link. If that is a problem you can email her. [Read more...]

Wow! God bless Bishop Ma!

At his Episcopal ordination in Shanghai the other day: Thaddeus Ma Daqin refused the imposition of hands from an excommunicated bishop, and publicly renounced his membership in the Patriotic Association. With officials of same right there. If you are looking for a hero, look at him. [Read more...]

Good Things You Don’t See Every Day

[Read more...]

Thanks be to God for good Nuns!

like these Franciscans! [Read more...]