The measure you use will be measured to you

Perfect! So I’ve been hearing constantly that I must support Trump because, unlike the dreaded Hillary, *he’s* not an enemy of religious liberty. When I point out that he has called for a complete ban on Muslim immigration and a database of all Muslim-Americans, the response from Good Christians has been, “Well, yeah. But that’s [Read More…]

Every once in a while, a combox comment just slays me

…with the sheer unself-awareneness of the comment.  My all time favorite, of course, will forever remain, “YOU ARE A IDOIT!” But pulling a decent second is this from an an American Spectator attempt to put lipstick on the pig that is Trump University: “There is ZERO fraud. There are dozens of satisfied Trump University graduates.” [Read More…]

Kansas: A Laboratory in Which the GOP Finally Has Free Rein to Live Its Dogmas

… is a smoking ruin. The exaltation of conservative economic theory over reality reminds me of nothing so much as Stalin’s five year plans and his penchant for shooting meteorologists for “counter-revolutionary weather forecasts”. When a political subculture that has been so wrong about so much so many times for so long demands that I [Read More…]

Catholic Congresscritter Bravely Faces the Applause of the Conservative Francis-Haters

Boycotts the Pope’s address to Congress because he and his Frankenstein base (the same sort of people who seriously believe that Trump is–I am not making this up–“trustworthy, empathetic, and well-suited to the Presidency“) believe that listening to people you disagree with and thinking new thoughts turns you gay. Here’s the thing: When a subculture [Read More…]

The Mysterious Conservative Loathing of Francis

A reader writes: Have you read Pope Francis’ speech at the World Meeting of Popular Movements in Bolivia? Full text here. It was a real eye-opener for me. I had heard plenty of negative things about it, so I braced myself for a lot of leftist politics & economics. But after having read the whole [Read More…]

You can still avoid the destruction of civilization if you act now!

Remember 15 years ago when the Y2K bug caused civilization to collapse and the world came to an end? Good times! Good times! Some were led astray by Brand X Survival Guides: Poor Leonard Nimoy. He recently died of his Y2K injuries, like so many who trusted in his words. Our survival strategy for feeding [Read More…]

Jeb Bush Names George W. Bush as His Most Trusted Middle East Advisor

Not the Onion. The Bourbon Right:  Remembering everything, learning nothing, and working with all its might to elect Hillary. Despite his denials the other day about “mishearing” Megyn Kelly’s question, this is the central and salient fact.  His non-clarifying clarification simply means that he doesn’t want to take responsibility for what he, in fact, believes: [Read More…]

Pope Lauds Iran Nuke Deal

When the pope is happy and the guys responsible for the debacle in Iraq are upset, I take that as a win. My rule of thumb for nearly anything beyond abortion and euthanasia and the other three non-negotiables is that, with anything strongly approved or condemned by the right, you will never go wrong heading [Read More…]

Cosmos in the Lost on the Folly of Continuing Iraq War Defenses

The nub is, Cardinal Ratzinger said it all: Your Eminence, a question about current events, in some way connected to the Catechism. Does the coalition war on the Iraq come within the canons of the “just war”? RATZINGER: The Pope has very clearly expressed his thoughts, not only as the thoughts of an individual, but [Read More…]

Doctor won’t treat child of lesbians

Punishing children for the sins of their parents is very very smart and will both show the parents the love of Christ that leads to their conversion, as well as demonstrate to the world that Christians are attractive human beings who are motivated by love.  It’s so important for Christians to cling to culture war [Read More…]