A Folk Hero of the Discernment-Free Right Consoles Grieving Parents

Joe the Plumber to Grieving UCSB Parents of Slain Kids: “Your Dead Kids Don’t Trump” My Guns [Read more...]

Cliven Bundy, Son of Liberty and Latest Right Wing Folk Hero, on the “The Negro”

Golly. Who could have predicted that the latest darling of the discernment-free right would turn out to be a racist nutjob in addition to a lawless welfare queen wrapped in a flag? Turns out “The Negro” would have been better off under slavery according to this Son of Liberty. Oh, and Bundy’s the Real Victim [Read More...]

When Glenn Beck is Now the Voice of Reason…

…you are officially crazy: Amazing to hear Catholics who should know better running around with their hair on fire and talking as though this scofflaw is somehow justified in threatening to kill people if he doesn’t get what two courts have denied him. Actually had a prolifer say, “Violating the fifth commandment? Is that all [Read More...]

The Conservative Anti-Charism of Discernment Marches On!

Continuing its tradition of using unbelievably terrible strategies to ruin good ideas. From the end of the political spectrum that brought you Defending Freedom through Torture, Protecting the Unborn by Impoverishing Unwed Moms and the ever-popular “Deficits Don’t Matter” comes this bit of brilliance: Purity Balls: Fathers Become Daughter’s Boyfriend Until Marriage To Protect Virginity [Read More...]