Good for TESCO!

So last week, in postmodern Britain, a company called TESCO, clearly innocent of even the most rudimentary familiarity with Christianity, announced a sale on beer and wine with the sunny proclamation “Good Friday just got better!” It ranks higher than “Ham! Perfect for Hanukkah” on the Religious Cluelessness Richter Scale. Christian in Britain (and around [Read More…]

Once again, I wonder who won WWII

I have this dim memory that murdering people and incinerating them in ovens was something the Bad Guys did in WWII.  But that’s probably just my bad memory because now I’m hearing that when we Good Guys do it it’s just being Green and promoting recycling and sustainability in Britain. Monstrous.  It is a wonder [Read More…]

A reader writes about the women who came to the aid of Lee Rigby…

…murdered by Bronze Age savages on the streets of London: On the back of the recently mis-interpreted comments by Pope Francis on atheists being capable of being good I was wondering about grace and what effect it has on people who have it. Do we actually need it and does it make any visible difference [Read More…]

I think what the lawyer should have said was that *the UK*…

“has become a dangerously totalitarian organization with no regard for freedom or diversity“. [Read more…]

Couldn’t Hoit!

A reader writes: I read with some alarm that in England, of all places, the wearing of the cross as a symbol of one’s Christian faith has become controversial, thanks in large part to the meddling of Prime Minister David Cameron’s supposedly Conservative government. I propose that as a gesture of solidarity with our English [Read More…]