Maria Steen Battles for Life

in Ireland. [Read more…]

An Irish Reader on the Gay “Marriage” Push in Ireland, as well as Other Stuff

He writes: Saw Leah Libresco in conversation with Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland on YouTube. Personally I think the man has a lot of motivation in anti Catholicism but heck. One thing that struck me is the veritable absence of philosophical dialogue in Ireland. (“Ye what?!”) It is over 20 years since I heard Neoplatonism [Read More…]

The Monks of Melleray…

…show us the Church struggling on in Ireland.  An Irish reader writes: The Church in Ireland is like a grandparent with a bratty teenager of a nation knocking the wisdom of centuries anxious to get out & be free of ‘old people’ and take the car on prom night. That was my impression too when [Read More…]

Irish Government To Make War…

on the Seal of the Confessional “for the children”. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Not gonna protect a single kid, only going to contribute to an already metastasizing surveillance state, ultimately going to make Caesar stupider than he already is since sin makes you stupid and attacking a sacrament is a massively stupid sin. Triple threat. Has [Read More…]