Al Gore Christens New Term for Pushing the Poor Around While Pretending He is Socially Responsible

“Fertility Management” = “Just enough of me, way too many of you.” Oh, and doncha know, it’s super duper necessary because the god Global Warming demands that the poor be sacrificed to her. She never demands that massive over-consumers like Gore go live in a tarpaper shack in Montana or sell off his massive assets. [Read More…]

The Cult of Global Warming, er, Climate Change, er, Global Climate Disruption Grows

I have noted before in this space that in two arenas–evolution and climate change–the language of discourse tends to veer sharply into the language of faith. We are pressed to “believe” in these things and many of the trappings of religion tend to adhere to them in ways they do not adhere to say, the [Read More…]