When the Autopsy is Done on the Party of Trump

…the fact that it was taken over by a cadre of fools who were devotees of an enemy of God who helped the government identify It’s a Wonderful Life as a work of communist propaganda should figure prominently in the coroner’s report. [Read more…]

Ayn Rand: Worst. Aunt. Ever.

So in 1949, Ayn Rand’s unfortunate niece writes her to ask for a little loan to buy a dress. Rand, being Rand, replies by writing Atlas Shrugged in miniature, in a toothache-inducing screed about fiscal responsibility. She must have been so much fun at a party. [Read more…]

Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig on Ayn Rand and her Christian devotees

There are few things more indicative of the advanced state of disease in “conservative” Christian circles than the embarrrassing and disgusting fascination with enemy of God Ayn Rand.  The spectacle of watching Catholics twist themselves into pretzels trying to pretend she was “Aristotle” to Paul Ryan’s “St. Thomas” was one of the most appalling and [Read More…]

Joe Carter is More Optimistic Than I Am

…about the lack of influence the satanic Enemy of God Ayn Rand has had on some very significant Catholics in the Public Square, but he is on the side of the angels in warning people away from this deeply evil woman and her work. For instance, this very public Catholic, lionized as a great hero [Read More…]

For the Theological Masochists in My Audience

…here is a link to Ayn Rand’s marginalia in her copy of C.S. Lewis The Abolition of Man.  Painful, awful stuff from a shrill harridan ignoramus. Recall, as you read the “thoughts” of this deeply evil and demented enemy of God that she was, according to the man nominated by the Thing that Used to [Read More…]

Why Ayn Rand is appealing–and why the appeal is dangerous

The appeal of Ayn Rand is simple and obvious, as most heresies are. Here it is: Philadelphia woman faces $600-a-day fine for feeding needy neighborhood kids Any normal healthy person reading a headline like that thinks “May God swiftly destroy a state system that completely screwed up.  What the hell are they thinking *penalizing* somebody [Read More…]