Brother Darwin’s Gospel Hour

In which we consider some of the peculiar cultural riptides the Church must navigate between atheistic and Christian Fundamentalism when it comes to evolution. [Read more...]

I’ve Always Enjoyed David Berlinski

He’s a cranky mathematician, a secular Jewish atheist who serves the invaluable function that Jewish intellectuals have served so often throughout the ages: not letting popular and easily accepted Things That Everybody Knows be accepted without challenge.  In his case, he provides delightful sand in the gears of the smoothly running atheist materialist agitprop machine [Read More...]

Some atheist readers were offended…

…at my reader for noting that it was two Catholic women who came to the aid of Lee Rigby while a bunch of cowards stood around doing nothing and taking pictures on their cell cams. One of them does the standard sleight-of-hand trick of saying, in essence, “The murderers were Muslim, and by Muslim, I [Read More...]

If You Want to Pontificate About Darwin…

showing that “randomness” proves that evolution does not move toward an end, be sure you don’t do it around Ye Olde Statistician. He writes: a) Mutations supposedly occur at random.  But natural selection is directed toward an end.  It weeds out the bad one (defects) and so is directed toward the perfection of a species [Read More...]

Interesting Question

A reader writes: Do you know of any authors, modern day priest scientists or writers who have pondered or written of a historical fiction approach to the Creation of Man/Fall story? Something that still follows Church teaching on the matter, but is more historical than Genesis? Something that might account for fossil records of early [Read More...]

Mike Flynn Fisks a Darwinist Mob

Huh-freaking-larious.   A mob of censorious Stalinist Darwinists goes after a fellow atheist for failing to be as absolutely pure as they are.  Adventures ensue.  Scratch a militant atheist, find a fundamentalist. Remember: Christians are afraid of reason.  The Apostles of militant atheism are all about the open-minded and fearless pursuit of TRVTH wherever it leads. [Read more...]

Go Home, Evolution, You Are Drunk

A website devoted to intuiting the rather whimsical telos of the Creator, but then laboring to rename Him “Evolution” because fear of the Spirit of the Age forces materialist to avoid considering the possibility of You Know Who. “Biologists must constantly keep in mind that what they see was not designed, but rather evolved.” – [Read More...]

Common Sense…

…that neither atheist fundamentalists nor Christian fundamentalists seem to be willing to hear: Currently, I see in Germany, but also in the United States, a somewhat fierce debate raging between so-called ‘creationism’ and evolutionism, presented as though they were mutually exclusive alternatives: those who believe in the Creator would not be able to conceive of [Read More...]

Darwinism, the Religion of the New Atheists, is All About Reproduction

One of the more ironic mysteries of the atheist subculture is how it tends to attract an overwhelming number of guys who are way out at the end of the “unlikely to reproduce” end of the bell curve. If those guys used instead of worshipped their intellects, they might wonder why that is, or whether [Read More...]

“Admitted” Hah! Good one!

Whenever the Church restates something every educated Catholic–but no ignorant reporter–knows, the news is always treated as though the Church is finally capitulating to the beseiging hordes of modernity. So a week or so ago, the Pope pointed out the perfectly obvious fact that Jesus was born a couple of years before 1 AD. The [Read More...]

This is Fun

Mike Flynn, when he is not busy writing great science fiction that will be read for many years to come, is a statistician by trade.  His specialty being the contemplation of things like “randomness” and “chance” and other such things, he has been afforded an opportunity to think about the hoo hah that typically accompanies [Read More...]

Here’s something to make Fundamentalist heads explode

…whether they be atheist or Catholic.  The invaluable Mike Flynn writes: Eucharist The outward appearances of the bread and wine remain those of bread and wine, and so far as science runs that is all that science can say.  The bread and wine are not transformed.  They are transubstantiated.  The substance, the inner reality, is [Read More...]