A Twofer!

Believer in sociobiology and morality as by-product of evolution blathers something about morality, opens himself to a delightful tag team takedown by Leah Libresco *and* Mike Flynn.  All appeals to evolution as the basis of morality depend on the unspoken moral premise that existence is good and preferable to extinction.  Saying we “should” obey our [Read More...]

Mike Flynn Does a Bit of Rehab on Lamarck

The great Also Ran in the Evolution Theory Sweepstakes gets short shrift these days, even though he had a lot on the ball. Turns out some aspects of his theory are fit to survive after all. [Read more...]

Another Fun Piece from Mike Flynn

…on the Sacred Science of Evolution and its strange utility in manipulating political discourse. [Read more...]

A Curious Demonstration of How Darwinism is a Religion

A reader writes: I saw you mentioned New York Polyphony in a recent post and I thought you might be interested in this. I saw them live last year, and they were stellar! Very sensitive, articulate interpretations and a joy to hear. During the concert, they mentioned a commission they had coming up that piqued [Read More...]