On abortion, Kaine = Trump

Kaine is essentially indistinguishable from Donald Trump on abortion, whose last known position was “The laws are set and I think we have to leave it that way.” But because he is a Democrat he is a despicable traitor to the pro-life movement despite being “personally prolife’ while Trump is the prolife movement’s last best [Read More…]

And Trump Led Clueless Conservative Christians to an Exceeding High Mountain…

…and showed them all the kingdoms of the earth, saying, “All this will I give you if you bow down and worship me.” And they replied, “Awesome. Sign me up! If I act now, can I get one of your awesome Golden Ass lapel pins absolutely free of charge?” [Read more…]

What’s with the Right’s Man Crush on Putin?

A few months back, Simcha Fisher pointed out that the conservative man crush on Putin was absurd and the guy is a tyrant and a murderer.  She was shouted down in her comboxes by people who maintain he is Constantine II, Savior of the Church.  Because gays.  And something something kissing icons. Also, Masons are [Read More…]

The Conservative Francis-Bashing Anti-Charism of Discernment Marches On

Francis continues to do good things, in this case bringing people back to Mass in Italy. Reactionaries continue to see only bad, working hand in glove with the NY Times to portray him as the enemy of the Church.  They only thing they disagree about is whether that’s good or bad. Just a reminder: contrary [Read More…]

The Infallible Faithful Conservative Catholic Anti-Charism of Discernment Marches On!

From the subculture that learned nothing from Maciel, circled the wagons for Euteneuer, backed unjust war and torture more ardently than the average American, defended Ayn Rand as Aristotle Redivivus, seriously believed that Romney was a Changed Man about abortion and somebody who cared about the HHS Mandate, attacked the bishop who investigated Corapi as a “satanic” [Read More…]

The Faithful Conservative Catholic[TM] Anti-Charism of Discernment Marches On!

Over at the Register, Simcha Fisher makes another one of those controversial assertions that is only controversial for the lunatic fringe of Traditionalist Catholics and Longers for the Legal Imposition of Catholicism on All Mankind, Preferably by Firing Squad.  No, not the shocking assertion that Holocaust Denial is Bad (though that was, for the conservative [Read More…]

From our “Consequentialism is Great When Cops Do It” File

One of the standard “Shut your trap” arguments put forward by those who argue for the”realism” of the Noble Lie is that cops lie and commit other Noble Evils for the greater good. Here’s where that line of reasoning goes: Exclusive: FBI allowed informants to commit 5,600 crimes 5658, to be precise. Including helping facilitate [Read More…]

One of the More Grotesque Moments in our Hastily Forgotten History

…was when Bush/Cheney shill Marc Theissen actually had the temerity to say that waterboarding was a healing and liberating experience for the victims, relieving them of a sense of guilt since they were no longer morally responsible for confessing under torture. In short, a *Catholic*, if you please, offered waterboarding as a sort of secular [Read More…]

Angry Christian Wants to Start Shooting His Neighbors

With the exception of abortion, the ontological impossibility of gay “marriage” and certain life issues, what never fails to impress me is how amazingly wrong so many representatives of the Right are on almost every issue of prudential judgment upon which they comment. From the greatness of nuking Hiroshima to the justice of the Iraq [Read More…]

FAQ on Lying

For all your endlessly repeated debating point needs. How utterly bizarre that the prolife movement has chosen to die on this hill arguing for the sacredness of lying in order to try to get somebody to agree to commit murder. That it should come to this. The Conservative Catholic Anti-Charism of Discernment–from circling the wagons [Read More…]