Shoutin’ Bill Donohue Circles the Wagons

Turns out that when somebody gets upset because a priest with a legal agreement to never be around minors is allowed to be around minors, that’s not because they care about the safety of minors.  It’s because they are sinister lefties who want “to bring down a bishop–any bishop”. Kevin O’Brien opens a can of [Read More...]

Another Conservative Catholic Folk Hero Implodes

Last year we were led to believe that Paul Ryan was a Catholic Political Hero of the first water. We were all morally bound to vote for his boss (and even to lie to ourselves that his boss had had a “prolife conversion”) because–the ends justifying the means and all–voting for Romney would eventually ensure [Read More...]

Why Do People Take Fr. Gabriele Amorth Seriously?

Now the guy is spouting off about Masons Controlling the World and waving his hands about some conspiracy to rub him out as they (allegedly) rubbed out JPI. And, come on, 70,000 exorcisms? Jimmy Akin has done the autopsy on this guy’s extremely dubious claims. Please: exercise discernment with these Folk Heroes. [Read more...]

And now a word from the Lunatic community

“17,640 like this” The cult surrounding Maria Divine Mercy are none too happy about this pope.  Much freakoutery about the Warning being upon us by Good Friday (good! I like false prophecies to  have short expiration dates). Particularly telling is this utterly bourgeois comment from one of The Faithful over at Facebook: Don’t you know [Read More...]

The Infallible Right Wing Anti-Charism of Discernment

So our God King’s Court Prophets in the DOJ write him a secret memo telling him he can secretly and unilaterally declare whoever he likes an enemy of the state and order their summary execution by drone. How does the Right respond? FOX manages to get it wrong even when it gets it right. A [Read More...]

How Things Work in the World of Discernment-Free Conservative Folk Hero Worship

If a priest is a Sacrosanct Cult Figure who misbehaves, then the screams are “Touch not God’s Anointed!” If, however, the Sacrosanct Cult Figure is a lay Real Catholic blowhard who spends *virtually all* his time bashing bishops (who are, you may recall, priests too), then we are to understand that any questioning of his [Read More...]

More on cults of personality

A reader sez: Mark, one could very well make the same argument about you and the little cult of personality that has grown up around you– since apparently all one needs to be a “cult of eprsonality” is to have an audience. Such a judgement would be unfair to you. To be precise, my reader’s [Read More...]

Update on Fr. Corapi

People write me from time to time and ask me what’s up with Fr. Corapi. There hasn’t been much news since the Blacksheep Dog scheme to grift his fanbase fell apart and he disappeared from sight. After that, no longer presenting a source of danger to the flock as his cult of personality waned, I [Read More...]

A Plea for Some Discernment

Clueless, discernment-free, folk hero worshipping, Church-ignoring Catholics, should really listen to Bishops like Ratko Peric, who has denounced Medjugorje saying the alleged messages contain “contradictions, falsehoods and banalities.” Because you are soon going to have to listen to Rome or continue your clueless, discernment-free, folk hero worshipping, Church-ignoring cult in the teeth of her teaching. [Read More...]

Remember when…

…people were *seriously* laboring in the comboxes of this very blog to prove that Paul Ryan was Aquinas and Ayn Rand was Aristotle and Randianism was deeply compatible with Catholic Faith if you just stood on one leg and cocked your head and squinted just so? Scrooge an economic hero, defenders say “I think Scrooge [Read More...]