Free Speech Victory

…for student subjected to gay fascist abuse from teacher for crime of Ungoodthink. Hey kid: It gets better.  Brave for standing up to bullies! [Read more…]

Episcopal Spine Alert

Gay teacher wants to live homosexual lifestyle and teach at Catholic school. Bishop says no. Good for him! Now, of course, Caesar is getting involved and attempting to force homosexuality on the school under pretense of “equality”. This has never been about “tolerance”. This has always been about the militant pursuit of state power to [Read More…]

Interesting Free Speech Test

ESPN Dude Transgresses the Pieties by Stating His View the Homosex is a Sin In a civilization where free speech is allowed, nothing happens as a result of this, just as nothing happens when the NY Times publishes images of “Piss Christ” (and scold Christians on their need to be tolerant) while refusing to publish Danish [Read More…]

Reasons to Homeschool #98437932983

Your Middle Schooler will never be forced by the teacher, without your knowledge or permission, to ask somebody of the same sex to kiss them to demonstrate fealty to the Regime of Gay Awesomeness. This is not about tolerance. This is about Force, Threats and Punishment. [Read more…]

Parent of Gay Kid Literally Says It

Tolerance and acceptance are not enough. You. MUST. celebrate. my. kid’s. gayness. Crusading militant narcissism on steroids. With the state at its back it will be draconian. [Read more…]

Gay Brownshirts on the March!

A couple of gay students at GWU cannot live in a world where absolutely everybody does not Affirm Them in Their Precious Feelings.  So they are organizing a pogrom to get him fire for Thoughtcrime. Tolerance is not enough.  You. MUST. Approve! But gay “marriage” isn’t going to be used as a legal platform to punish [Read More…]

“Kauft nicht bei Mormon!”

For those of you who enjoy Sci Fi and Fantasy, one of the more prominent names in the field is Orson Scott Card.  His novel Ender’s Game is a classic and he has written a boatload of other tales.  He has managed to do something rare: carve out a living as a writer.  This is, [Read More…]

Those Who Live out Their Christian Beliefs About the Sinfulness of Homosex…

will be targeted and smashed by the Gay Legion of Menacing Visigoths for Tolerance.  This is a militant, persecuting religion that will give no quarter to Christian conscience. [Read more…]

Only Bakery in All of Oregon Cruelly Refuses to Serve Pathetic Gay Martyrs

Oh. Wait. You mean there are lots of bakeries who would serve these guys but this guy is being singled out and made an example of by the Gay Legion of Menacing Visigoths for Tolerance? Who could possibly have foreseen that? Tolerance is not Enough. You. MUST. Approve. Or you *WILL* be destroyed! [Read more…]

Neuhaus’ Law is Coming to the Boy Scouts

It states: “Where orthodoxy becomes optional, orthodoxy will sooner or later be proscribed.” A reader writes: Please unleash the power of you blog CAEI to give National Boy Scouting some spine, and keep the membership policy as it is now. Sadly it seems that National is considering trying to punt the matter to the unit [Read More…]