No. Really. The Gay “Marriage” Movement is Deeply Fascist

So when some honest bisexual guy bares his soul about how tough it was growing up in that community, he is punished with draconian ferocity by the intensely intolerant bigots and thought police who constitute its drum majors, enforcers, and informants. In other gay fascism news, some thug planning an anti-Christian Bloodbath for Tolerance gets [Read More...]

Adam Smith Apologizes

Not a perfect job, but who is good at apologizing? I think he should have stopped at about the 4:00 minute mark and left out the stuff about how other people’s badness pushed him over the edge. But he’s obviously trying and since I suck at saying, “Sorry” I think he deserves props for trying. [Read More...]

Dear Tolerance Nazi Adam M. Smith

“Viciously bullying sweet, good, minimum wage people struggling to get by in a down economy is very persuasive of the justice of your position and engenders in me a powerful sense of sympathy for you,” said no one, ever. The genius posted this vile thing yesterday in the sincere belief that he was some kind [Read More...]

Dear Gay Fascists, Come and Get Me

After the stunning boost to sales that the Boston/Chicago Fascist Chik-Fil-A Boycott and Attempt to Smash Thoughtcrime has been for Chik-Fil-A, I’m beginning to think that what I really need to do is incur the persecuting fury of the Gay Legion of Menacing Visigoths for Tolerance.  Every time they make a move to crush another helpless [Read More...]

Tolerance is not Enough!

You. MUST. Approve or be punished. I wonder how many boycotts can be organized in the attempt to punish people for refusing to capitulate to the lie of gay “marriage”? I wonder if all of them will be the huge flop the Chik-Fil-A protest has been. Seems like resisters could have fun multiplying refusals to [Read More...]

New Abp. for San Francisco

Militant mob of Angry Tolerance Thugs Gathers with Pikes and Torches to Smash Free Speech and Thought. Speaking of which, You’re Doing it Wrong. The basic posture of the average American about most pelvic issues is “Don’t make me mind somebody else’s business.” So gay “marriage” is gaining support (especially among the young and inexperienced) [Read More...]

I don’t think we have Chik-Fil-A in Seattle

If we did, I’d go buy a drumstick for freedom of speech and to stick a thumb in the eye of the Gay Legion of Menacing Visigoths for Tolerance and their willing accomplices in the media. Meanwhile, Rod Dreher has a brilliant idea.  Buy Chik-Fil-A for the homeless.  You do several works of mercy at [Read More...]

Gay Rights…

smash civil rights–as is their custom.  A reader writes: I agree that he can’t force the Gay Pride organizers to give him a “booth,” but unless the Gay Pride festival is by invitation only, anyone can walk through a public place and hand out any legal item they want. Sure, the state can make laws [Read More...]

One of my spiders in the jar

…demanded, in high dudgeon, to know why I consider homosex “unnatural”. Another was greatly upset that I use a term like “homosex” to describe the unnatural act performed by active homosexuals (apparently being unaware that other, more descriptive language is even less pleasant). Still others insist, of course, that if you offer anything less than [Read More...]

Tolerance is not Enough

Children *MUST* approve of homosex and parents WILL be punished if they attempt to stand in the way. This is but one of the many freedoms for which our Ruling Class is sending our troop to fight for in 120 nations–and then gratefully burying them in landfills. [Read more...]