God King Commands Human Sacrifice

Obama tells faith-based groups they must refer refugees for abortion. Dear. Mister President: No. ¬†We refuse. [Read more…]

Everybody Knows about the Pilot ISIS burned to death

God rest his soul. Nobody knows about the 13 year old boy Obama burned to death. That would be the Obama who was worried about Americans getting on their high horses. [Read more…]

Somebody should wake the Prez…

…and tell him there is a world happening. The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive [Read more…]

When the Powerful Screw Up, the Weak Pay for it

…and lefties should stop deluding themselves that it makes on iota of difference whether one of their own or a Righty is the powerful making the weak pay. One Day in an Elevator With Obama, Then Out of a Job The Obama White House has a remarkable talent for petty vengeance on small fry. I [Read More…]

I bet he was shocked to discover there was gambling in Vegas too

Obama pretends to care about money in politics then goes to a 32,000/head fundraiser hosted by a bazillionaire named–I am not making this up–Rich Richman. [Read more…]

Our God King Can Order the Death of Anybody on Earth…

…at any time, for reasons arrived at in secret and never be held accountable for it. And if you believe for one second that a day is not coming where a) this will create massive blowback abroad and b) Caesar will decide that exactly the same thing should be deployed against American citizens on our [Read More…]

Behold! Our God King Holds the Power of Arbitrary Life and Death!

[Read more…]

White House Knew ISIS was Going to Murder Foley

On the bright side, the President has developed a killer golf swing. [Read more…]

Boys Who Cry Wolf Are Constantly Yelling at Me…

…that Obama is a Nazi Muslim Communist Socialist Jihadi who is bent on taking all our guns, marching us into concentration camps and plotting to destroy America by having a vast force of heavily armed plague children fanning out to spread disease and terror while batting huge brown bambi eyes in order to make conservatives [Read More…]

Feel Safe, or You May be an Enemy of the State!

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