Let the Memes Begin

This fool has all the scorn she is going to receive coming to her.  When I saw the Obama ad, which I will not dignify with a link, I kept thinking of this guy: Could there be a starker contrast between slavish indulgence of appetite claiming the status of fundamental human right and self-sacrificial heroism [Read More...]

Don’t Change Horses in the Middle of the Stream

In response to defenses of Obama’s drone war on Pakistani four year old girls I am getting from both “pragmatic” Lefties (you may remember them as the “anti-war Left”) and kill-crazy conservatives (you may remember them as the “prolife Right”) who agree with Romney’s enthusiastic support for the President’s policies here, I may be nearing [Read More...]

Sociopaths for Obama, Part Deux

MSM, confronted by obvious Obama lies and incompetence, chooses to think about something else, because hating on some obscure Christian pol is so much easier than dealing with the fact that Your Man is an incompetent liar, as well as a cold-blooded murderer of 4 year old Pakistani kids. Obama Supporters: How. Can. You. Sleep. [Read More...]

Sociopaths for Obama

Joe Klein completes the transition of the American Left into a mirror image of Osama bin Laden: SCARBOROUGH: “What we’re doing with drones is remarkable: the fact that over the past eight years during the Bush years – when a lot of people brought up some legitimate questions about international law – my God, those [Read More...]

The Triumph of Feminism

Congratulations, Hillary 08 Supporters! Your gal officially has more testosterone than her boss and is willing to fall on her sword so that Obama can have somebody to blame. Remind me again, Hillary supporter, what you see in this guy that is so important that you need to vote for him again? Oh. Right! He [Read More...]

Kyle Cupp Gets It

Sez he: I want to echo what Jason Kuznicki writes on the front page about President Obama’s secret kill list and what it means for our democracy. Especially this: He deserves to lose. And worse. He deserves to walk onstage not to cheers, but to hisses, boos, and a shower of rotten vegetables. He deserves [Read More...]

My friend James Preece writes from England

I just discovered that there a 3000 pound granite marker has been erected to mark the spot where Michelle and Barak Obama first kissed. Americans are weird. Hope you are well Oh yeah? Well, here in America, Land of Freedom, we fought a war with you guys and won! So now we are all equal [Read More...]

Obama Hits New Low

…exploits Down’s Syndrome folks as human shields. The King of Life and Death neglects to mention to his human shields little facts like his fanatical support for making sure that 92% of Down’s Syndrome kids are murdered in the womb. How disgusting can you get? [Read more...]

Dear Obama Voter: This is on you

And, by the way, this piece of stupidity from the comboxes over at Conor Friedersdorf’s site is all yours too: I think Rachel Maddow said it best.(I think last Thursday?) We as a nation can not have a logical, reasoned argument about national security, privacy, warrants, trials of terrorists because the Republican Party has completely [Read More...]

Obama Understands Something Fundamental About the Millennial American

We love inflicting death, as long as we can do it in a neat, sanitized way that we don’t have to look at or think about. What matters to us is not morality, but aesthetics. Dems like to think of themselves as the party of peace lovers.  But in reality, which is to say, in [Read More...]