My friend James Preece writes from England

I just discovered that there a 3000 pound granite marker has been erected to mark the spot where Michelle and Barak Obama first kissed. Americans are weird. Hope you are well Oh yeah? Well, here in America, Land of Freedom, we fought a war with you guys and won! So now we are all equal [Read More…]

Obama Hits New Low

…exploits Down’s Syndrome folks as human shields. The King of Life and Death neglects to mention to his human shields little facts like his fanatical support for making sure that 92% of Down’s Syndrome kids are murdered in the womb. How disgusting can you get? [Read more…]

Dear Obama Voter: This is on you

And, by the way, this piece of stupidity from the comboxes over at Conor Friedersdorf’s site is all yours too: I think Rachel Maddow said it best.(I think last Thursday?) We as a nation can not have a logical, reasoned argument about national security, privacy, warrants, trials of terrorists because the Republican Party has completely [Read More…]

Obama Understands Something Fundamental About the Millennial American

We love inflicting death, as long as we can do it in a neat, sanitized way that we don’t have to look at or think about. What matters to us is not morality, but aesthetics. Dems like to think of themselves as the party of peace lovers.  But in reality, which is to say, in [Read More…]

Once Deny the God…

and Caesar becomes the god.  Having just informed us that the government is the only thing we all belong to, the Left now moves on to the inevitable symbolism of President Narcissus, in which we find ourselves as many members in the One‘ body.   No wonder he is making war on the Church. Caesar is [Read More…]

54% of Catholic Voters to Obama:

“Go ahead and feel free to take my conscience away from me since I’m not using it anyway.” [Read more…]

In Our Name

Like it or not, in a representative democracy, what our elected leaders choose to do is what we are choosing to do.  Our government is choosing to act as absolutely unaccountable judge, jury, and executioner of lots and lots of innocent civilians in drone strikes, murdering American teenagers, and with the help of a willing and [Read More…]

Conor Friedersdorf: Why I Refuse to Vote for Barack Obama

I don’t spend too much time trying to persuade my readers not to do something they will never do.  However, if you are that rare bird, the Shea reader who seriously is considering voting for Obama, consider the undeniable fact that you are insane and should vote for somebody else and never, under any circumstance, [Read More…]

Our Orwellian God King

…presiding over an HHS mandate where “choice” means forcing Catholics to pay for sterilizing minors and inflicting draconian punishments if they refuse. If you are Catholic and voting for this tyrant, may I ask “What happened to your soul?  How do square this with all that blather you emit about ‘conscience’ and ‘freedom’ every time [Read More…]

Notes from a Fascist Country

A reader writes: One critical error people make in contemplating fascism is to believe that fascism is about ideas, dogmas, or programmatic solutions to human problems. Fascism is none of those things. First and above all, fascism is a belief in the state as the supreme human achievement. Or, as the Party recently said, the [Read More…]