No. Really. Obama’s Actions Make Him an Enemy of God

He has declared war on the conscience of Catholics in a gratuitous and wholly unnecessary attempt to punish them for their views on sex and smash their religious liberty in order to subordinate it to the state.  He has (at the convention) done as much as the head of a non-confessional state can do to [Read More…]

Those who believe everything is about economics…

will be baffled at why a President ruling over an economy in shambles would deliberately and draconianly punish a business that is a) harmless and b) thriving. Those of us who are aware of the fact that Obama is an enemy of Christian conscience and is engaged in a campaign to smash it where it [Read More…]

The Ego Has Landed

Neil Armstrong’s death reminds Obama of Obama. [Read more…]

First of the Stations of the Double Cross Erected

The First Station of the Double Cross: The God King Kisses his Divine Consort We adore you O Dear Leader and bless you, because by your Unholy Power, you have given us contraceptives, abortion, and gay marriage and forced the Catholics to pay for them. Other planned liturgical pilgrimage sites include The God King Stops [Read More…]

As I say, Obama’s Going to Lose

Feel the enthusiasm. That’s nothing but good news since he is an enemy of the Church and of human life, as well as a tyrant. The only down side is that his opponent will win. Who knows! He might even eliminate the HHS mandate (unless the enormous popularity of free contraceptive candy moves his weathervane-like [Read More…]

I’m starting to think Obama is really afraid

When the Onion is lampooning the truly desperately sleazy attack ads that Obama is quite obviously behind, it means Obama is in serious trouble.  Obama was elected by a volatile combination of people sick of Bush and leftist messianic zealots ready to worship him with the looniest of inflated expectations (“Black Jesus” Spike Lee described [Read More…]

This is a reasonable question

If you are one of those Progessives who feels a sense of gleeful satisfaction at making those monobrow FOX-watching Christianist goobers stamp their tiny feet in impotent frustration before the march of Enlightened Thought, you should reflect on the fact that your man is, in addition to being an Attuned Being, also a draconian tyrant [Read More…]

Big Laws and Small Laws

In which we discuss our God King’s jealousy of the real God and the war he has declared on Christ’s Church. [Read more…]

All Hail…

the miraculous healing and redemptive power of our glorious Lord and Savior: Synopsis In the beginning of the 21st century, no one ever thought that an African-American would become the first President of the United States. But it happened, and an entire country celebrated the exceptional efforts pulled off by citizens ready for sweeping change. [Read More…]

Sinister Multi-Millionaire Continues Campaign to Help Obama Win

Charles Krauthammer provides the analysis of the latest chapter in this dark conspiracy. Meanwhile, the White House fights back by doing its part to help Romney win. [Read more…]