It’s a difficult time to be a satirist

Write something in jest in 2008 and somebody writes it in earnest in 2012. Un-buh-lievable. [Read more...]

Attention, Young Lovers!

The Dear Leader Requires Sacrifice! If you are about to be married, do not selfishly ask for gifts so that you can start your puny, unimportant lives together. Instead, the Dear Leader is asking you to forego wedding gifts and ask your guests to donate to the Dear Leader. Everything in the Campaign, nothing outside [Read More...]

Glenn Greenwald Continues…

…to be one of the rarest things in the media: an honest progressive who warns that Obama is Al-Quaeda’s best recruiting sergeant. Also nice to see Jon Stewart telling the truth here: The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook Meanwhile, watching Glennwald take apart Andrew Sullivan’s [Read More...]

Begun this Drone War Has

Let’s support our Dear Leader in the war on adolescents going to visit their aunts. [Read more...]

16 and 12 Year Old Kids Murdered

…by Nobel Peace Prize Winner as they were going to visit their aunt. Happily, they were swarthy foreigners, not human beings, and US policy declares that whatever people our drones kill are either “enemy combatants” or “collateral damage”, not “innocent murder victims unilaterally killed by an unaccountable tyrant”. Remember how a drone war works. Best [Read More...]

A reader writes in response…

…to this post: Despair can cause us to look for hope in anything, much less something specifically crafted to deceive us into investing in a particular hope; and sometimes we get so hurt by being betrayed, we do not have enough strength left to admit that we walked into the betrayal with open eyes. (Sometimes [Read More...]

The Hangover

Remember? Just a few short years ago when actual adults (lots of them, not just a few, and famous and powerful ones, not fringe, kook, and unimportant ones) were–publicly–saying this kind of stuff, not just with a straight face, but with an earnest, impassioned face and eyes glistening with tears of urgent messianic fervor?: “We [Read More...]

A uniter, not a divider

German, Jewish, black, and white He’s a screw-up in their sight. He’s the President who’s losing his support! He’s gonna lose. He deserves to. [Read more...]

Not coincidently…

Obama State Dept. Purges Religious Freedom Section from its Human Rights Reports [Read more...]

Strange times

When I was a kid, I was taught that the greatness of America lay in the fact that the government couldn’t just declare you an enemy of the state and order your death. That was what wicked totalitarian regimes like Russia and China did. We lived in a free country ruled by elected officials who [Read More...]


…appalls even Dianne Feinstein with his willingness to risk the lives of our troops in order to score some political points. The man is not a genius. The man is stunningly amateurish and vain. And stuff like this just make him lose support among all the idealistic folk who voted for him in 2008. [Read more...]


…at the Church of St. Drone. By the way, the NY Times piece mentioned in this article (“Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will”) illustrates quite nicely the ideological blinkers that devotees of our God King wear when it comes to his gross betrayal of their fantasies about him–fantasies they persist [Read More...]