How a Drone War Works

1. President orders somebody killed, based on God knows what. 2. By their mystic arts, people operating drones decide they have found the person the President wants dead.* 3. Drone blows up that person and whoever else happens to be around, like this kid: 4. All victims (funeral goers, teenagers, etc.) are labeled “combatants” for [Read More...]

Tim Shipe is an honest man

A former Democrat who is as disillusioned with his party as I am with the GOP warns that Obama is working wilfully to undermine and attack the hierarchy of the Church. I concur. The only Catholics Obama likes are Catholics who hate the Church. [Read more...]

It’s hard to avoid the impression…

…that Obama is just a good old-fashioned anti-Catholic bigot. The only Catholics he seems to like are the sort who hate the Catholic Church and want to destroy it. His treatment of Poles is consistently suffused with a winning combination of ignorance and contempt. [Read more...]

That Dan Quayle. What a Maroon!

Alienating the Poles with an absolutely bone-headed remark about “Polish Death Camps”. He’s as stupid as Sarah Palin and all those other Republican dunces the MSM chuckles about! Oh. Wait. [Read more...]

Dear Department of Homeland Security

President Barack Obama is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life. He is just and wise and when he secretly decides to unilaterally sentence somebody to death, I believe he is always right and never wrong and any mistake that may happen and any civilians who may die [Read More...]

Thanks be to God!

Judge strikes down NDAA. Turns out Obama can’t simply suspend Anglo-American law back to Magna Carta on a whim. The problem, of course, remains that it was a bi-partisan coalition of Dems and Republicans who voted to give him that tyrannical power in the first place–and he only agreed to sign it when the last [Read More...]

Cdl. Dolan, OSV, Notre Dame, FUS, various other organizations and 40 dioceses to Obama:


Stop the HHS Mandate!

Have you signed the Petition? While you’re at it sign this petition against the NDAA which give our Tyrant King the power to indefinitely detain any American citizen forever without trial. if you are a lefty who voted for him, you have a special obligation to sign this or shut up forever about the Bushies [Read More...]

Toldja So

Rod Dreher reports about our God King’s latest move in the war on religious conscience: If the Obama administration has its way, all US military chaplains will have to do so. Excerpt: The Obama administration “strongly objects” to provisions in a House defense authorization bill that would prohibit the use of military property for same-sex [Read More...]

Glenn Greenwald, One of the Few Lefties in Media I Respect

…on Andrew Sullivan’s lickspittle, spaniel-like hagiography of our God King. [Read more...]

The Totalization of War Continues

As our Police State continues stampeding us toward an eternal war footing in which Everywhere is the Battlefield and Everyone is a Combatant, it only stands to reason that we should get little consolation trinkets as gold stars for being good citizens of the totalizing War State. So lawmakers are looking to hand out Purple [Read More...]

What Hagiography?

Now and then, you can actually run into people who totally deny that there is any such thing as secular messianic adoration of our God King. Ahem: I think this is what the term “hathos” was coined to describe. And who better to lead the orgasm of worship than the Pope of Obama Worship, the [Read More...]