The great thing about having a Dem in the White House…

…is that nothing bad ever happens. You can run a hospital like Dachau and your military brass will cover it up and the MSM will look away. Special bonus: Your press secretary doesn’t even have to know the capital of Israel. Nobody will Dan Quayle him. It’s common knowledge that only conservatives are dumb. Lefties [Read More…]

Obama Labors to Sovietize American Culture

DOJ tells family they cannot run their business as Catholics The separation of Church and everything that our jealous God King particularly demands of Catholics continues apace. Catholics are going to soon have to learn how to nod and smile and appear to comply and then just go right on ignoring the state under the [Read More…]

Fr. James Schall explains…

…why no Catholic in his or her right mind should vote for Obama. Yes. He really does intend to persecute and smash Catholic conscience and do as much damage as possible to the Church. That is, for him, not a bug but a feature. Do not support his war on Catholic conscience. [Read more…]

Praise the Goodness of Our God King!

For from him and to him and through him is all business. “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” See, if you have a job, you didn’t make that happen. If you have a house and a car, you didn’t make that happen. Somebody else made that [Read More…]

It’s a difficult time to be a satirist

Write something in jest in 2008 and somebody writes it in earnest in 2012. Un-buh-lievable. [Read more…]

Attention, Young Lovers!

The Dear Leader Requires Sacrifice! If you are about to be married, do not selfishly ask for gifts so that you can start your puny, unimportant lives together. Instead, the Dear Leader is asking you to forego wedding gifts and ask your guests to donate to the Dear Leader. Everything in the Campaign, nothing outside [Read More…]

Glenn Greenwald Continues…

…to be one of the rarest things in the media: an honest progressive who warns that Obama is Al-Quaeda’s best recruiting sergeant. Also nice to see Jon Stewart telling the truth here: The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook Meanwhile, watching Glennwald take apart Andrew Sullivan’s [Read More…]

16 and 12 Year Old Kids Murdered

…by Nobel Peace Prize Winner as they were going to visit their aunt. Happily, they were swarthy foreigners, not human beings, and US policy declares that whatever people our drones kill are either “enemy combatants” or “collateral damage”, not “innocent murder victims unilaterally killed by an unaccountable tyrant”. Remember how a drone war works. Best [Read More…]

A reader writes in response…

…to this post: Despair can cause us to look for hope in anything, much less something specifically crafted to deceive us into investing in a particular hope; and sometimes we get so hurt by being betrayed, we do not have enough strength left to admit that we walked into the betrayal with open eyes. (Sometimes [Read More…]

The Hangover

Remember? Just a few short years ago when actual adults (lots of them, not just a few, and famous and powerful ones, not fringe, kook, and unimportant ones) were–publicly–saying this kind of stuff, not just with a straight face, but with an earnest, impassioned face and eyes glistening with tears of urgent messianic fervor?: “We [Read More…]