Through the State, with the State, in the State

…in the unity of Spirit of the Age. All glory and honor is yours, Almighty Obama, forever and ever. Amen! – The Prayer of Julia. [Read more...]

If you do not believe, profess, and proclaim…

…that our God King is a “unifying force” it’s not because he is divisive or trampling civil rights and making war on the Church, it’s because you are a trouble maker who refuses to believe, profess, and proclaim the dogma that our God King is a unifying force. Who are going to believe?: the MSM [Read More...]

Jon Stewart on our Despicable God King

The Daily Show with Jon StewartGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook In addition to Stewart’s remarks, I’d add, “Isn’t it fascinating that the Media From Generation Narcissus primarily evaluates all this stuff in terms of ‘How Will This Make our God King Look?/How does this make Hillary [Read More...]

Obama Aborts Chen Guangcheng

Despicable President betrays hero. Fortunately, it’s just a prolifer who had backward ideas about objecting to forced sterilizations and the one child policy, which our genius Vice President has no problem with, so no harm done. And the Left won’t say a word. [Read more...]