A uniter, not a divider

German, Jewish, black, and white He’s a screw-up in their sight. He’s the President who’s losing his support! He’s gonna lose. He deserves to. [Read more…]

Not coincidently…

Obama State Dept. Purges Religious Freedom Section from its Human Rights Reports [Read more…]

Strange times

When I was a kid, I was taught that the greatness of America lay in the fact that the government couldn’t just declare you an enemy of the state and order your death. That was what wicked totalitarian regimes like Russia and China did. We lived in a free country ruled by elected officials who [Read More…]


…appalls even Dianne Feinstein with his willingness to risk the lives of our troops in order to score some political points. The man is not a genius. The man is stunningly amateurish and vain. And stuff like this just make him lose support among all the idealistic folk who voted for him in 2008. [Read more…]


…at the Church of St. Drone. By the way, the NY Times piece mentioned in this article (“Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will”) illustrates quite nicely the ideological blinkers that devotees of our God King wear when it comes to his gross betrayal of their fantasies about him–fantasies they persist [Read More…]

How a Drone War Works

1. President orders somebody killed, based on God knows what. 2. By their mystic arts, people operating drones decide they have found the person the President wants dead.* 3. Drone blows up that person and whoever else happens to be around. 4. All victims (funeral goers, teenagers, etc.) are labeled “combatants” for the crime of [Read More…]

Tim Shipe is an honest man

A former Democrat who is as disillusioned with his party as I am with the GOP warns that Obama is working wilfully to undermine and attack the hierarchy of the Church. I concur. The only Catholics Obama likes are Catholics who hate the Church. [Read more…]

It’s hard to avoid the impression…

…that Obama is just a good old-fashioned anti-Catholic bigot. The only Catholics he seems to like are the sort who hate the Catholic Church and want to destroy it. His treatment of Poles is consistently suffused with a winning combination of ignorance and contempt. [Read more…]

That Dan Quayle. What a Maroon!

Alienating the Poles with an absolutely bone-headed remark about “Polish Death Camps”. He’s as stupid as Sarah Palin and all those other Republican dunces the MSM chuckles about! Oh. Wait. [Read more…]

Dear Department of Homeland Security

President Barack Obama is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life. He is just and wise and when he secretly decides to unilaterally sentence somebody to death, I believe he is always right and never wrong and any mistake that may happen and any civilians who may die [Read More…]