Jon Stewart Strikes Me as an Honest Man

Here’s one reason why: The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook Yes. I get it. Not a conservative. Duly noted. But, given his obvious biases, still an honest man. Meanwhile, this president continues to impress me as a stunningly provincial Chicago pol. [Read more...]

The Quartermaster of the Barque has some fun…

…at the expense the guy who can unleash a persecuting legal colossus against The Little Sisters of the Poor, side with Al-Quaida in Syria, force Catholics to pay for abortion and contraception, try to tell the Lutherans who they can and can’t ordain, and still talk about his respect for religious liberty with a straight [Read More...]

To avoid Obamacare costs…

…firms have to swear that they are not trying to avoid Obamacare costs. For some reason, even its most ardent defenders are despairing of trying to defend this increasing insane kluge. [Read more...]


He’ll get to that as soon as he’s finished unilaterally decreeing the drone deaths of some teenagers, wedding guests, and funeral attendees. [Read more...]

You don’t say!

“The killing of the innocent is never fulfilling God’s will; in fact, it’s the ultimate betrayal of God’s will.” ~ President Obama, February 6th, 2014 [Read more...]

Mind-boggling Chutzpah from the God King

Obama says ‘freedom of religion is under threat’ as Catholics sue administration [Read more...]

Mike Flynn on His Royal Highness the Dear Leader

“The Thing That Used to be Liberalism has fallen on hard times indeed, when they are the biggest supporters of rule-by-decree. “ Watching liberals get in touch with their Inner Red King when democracy and the views of hoi polloi get in the way of their sheer awesome correctness about everything is a sight to [Read More...]

“The Buck Stops Here.” – Harry Truman

“I’m as Surprised as You Are.” – Barack Obama And yet another surprise for President Innocent I: His ambassador to Norway knows nothing about Norway. [Read more...]

Recently, the Bride of the Lord Obama on Earth……

…invited us, her subjects, through her personal television network ABC, to join in the national celebration of her nativity.  She also had a double secret birthday party which we, her subjects, were not invited to since only the super-coolest people could be there and, well, look at you, you loser.  But as a sign of [Read More...]

Basic State of the Question on Obama Spying on You

He is, as ever, as surprised as you are to discover what he’s been doing.  In related news, Obama awakens with jolt to discover he is president.  Claims First Lady put something in his drink. As for you little people, the Administration explains, “Shut up“. Besides, the folks spying on you are your friends and [Read More...]