Mind-boggling Chutzpah from the God King

Obama says ‘freedom of religion is under threat’ as Catholics sue administration [Read more...]

Mike Flynn on His Royal Highness the Dear Leader

“The Thing That Used to be Liberalism has fallen on hard times indeed, when they are the biggest supporters of rule-by-decree. “ Watching liberals get in touch with their Inner Red King when democracy and the views of hoi polloi get in the way of their sheer awesome correctness about everything is a sight to [Read More...]

“The Buck Stops Here.” – Harry Truman

“I’m as Surprised as You Are.” – Barack Obama And yet another surprise for President Innocent I: His ambassador to Norway knows nothing about Norway. [Read more...]

Recently, the Bride of the Lord Obama on Earth……

…invited us, her subjects, through her personal television network ABC, to join in the national celebration of her nativity.  She also had a double secret birthday party which we, her subjects, were not invited to since only the super-coolest people could be there and, well, look at you, you loser.  But as a sign of [Read More...]

Basic State of the Question on Obama Spying on You

He is, as ever, as surprised as you are to discover what he’s been doing.  In related news, Obama awakens with jolt to discover he is president.  Claims First Lady put something in his drink. As for you little people, the Administration explains, “Shut up“. Besides, the folks spying on you are your friends and [Read More...]

Obama to the Rest of Us: Law is for Little People

If there’s one thing Obama has made clear, it’s that he doesn’t much like democracy or the process of having to deliberate matters with lesser beings than himself. Free people deliberating matters of the common good get in the way of the swift action of his divine creative word. If he could, he’d get rid [Read More...]

You probably thought Obamacare was tanking…

….because incompetents with no management experience, a messianic faith in Obama’s divine creative word, and an incapacity to take responsibility for screwups completely bollixed up the design and rollout of the OC website. That’s because you are a racist! [Read more...]

Terry Nelson on Fake Outrage

…because the Obamas didn’t go to Church for Christmas–like, you know, Reagan. We can’t borrow trouble by getting our undies in a bunch about dumb stuff.  Lincoln, be it remembered, was assassinated while blowing off Church (because he was, ahem, not a Christian in any recognizable sense) and taking in a play on Good Friday.  Our political [Read More...]

What… *Happened* to Obama?

The guy  ran as, among other things, the first truly Tech Savvy President.  He surrounded himself with Bright Young Things who knew how to exploit the web and do all the cyber razzle dazzle.  And now… in addition to the massive clusterfrack that is the Obamacare website (favorite techie quote from a friend at Microsoft: “$900,000,000?  Really?  For [Read More...]

Just to be clear…

…the O antiphons are not addressed to President Narcissus despite what this iconostasis, complete with altar, suggests: [Read more...]

Obamacare: Brought to You by the Smartest People in the Room


I think they should rename the Nobel Peace Prize…

something like The Award for Being a Murderer Popular at Leftist Soirees. Here, O Obama supporter, is what your favorite murderer has been up to: … the international NGO Human Rights Watch has released an exhaustive and shocking report alleging that the U.S. has failed to comply with international law in its use of drones [Read More...]