Another Gleeful Autopsy on Obamacare

…from Mark Steyn. I’ve got a friend who works for Microsoft who was shaking his head the other day: “300 million dollars to make a website? Why didn’t they just hire Amazon?” Obama doesn’t seem to be in touch with reality at all. Here is a chronicle of just how massively incompetent Obama has been [Read More...]

Obama Schadenfreudarama

Jonah Goldberg is, I must say, very very funny as he gleefully performs the autopsy on the disastrous rollout of Obamacare.  As is always the case with people in revolt against a regime, he has a pretty good sense of what’s wrong with the Obama Administration–particularly Obama’s massive hubris and belief that his godlike word [Read More...]

The Obamacare Rollout Appears to be Designed by and for Dirtbags

  The Sexual Revolution was the best thing to ever happen to human pigs.  The HHS Mandate just dialed it up to 11.   [Read more...]

Our Nobel Peace Prize Winning God King…

…murders funeral .attendees and 16 and 12 year old kids in cold blood and, surprise!, creates 40 to 60 new enemies for each person murdered.  Who can fathom the mind of these foreign devils and their mysterious and unforgiving ways? [Read more...]

Prez lied that you can keep your insurance

How does he deal with that? By blaming somebody else of course! [Read more...]

It’s a good thing we didn’t elect Romney

Because then we’d be ruled by an out of touch plutocracy completely in the service of corporate interests: Homeless person denied Medicaid for failing to report money he found on sidewalk as income…  STOCKS RISE 108% SINCE PRESIDENT [Read more...]

Any Resemblance Between This Guy and our Current Monarch is Purely Coincidental

[Read more...]

What, Exactly, is the Difference Between Obama’s Behavior and that of the KGB or Stasi?

Italian Magazine Says NSA Listened into Vatican and Pope Oh! Wait! I remember! Obama supposedly had *no idea* what the NSA was doing and is therefore totally innocent of making us a rogue nation bent on trying to control everything with spy technology, drone murders, and Machiavellian cynicism. He is relieved of the guilt of [Read More...]

Has Obama Ever Taken Responsibility for Anything Bad Ever?

If it’s not Sebellius brazenly looking down her now ten foot long Pinocchio nose and declaring, “‘I would suggest the website has never crashed“, it’s Obama’s ridiculous attempt to somehow pin the disastrous rollout on Mitt Romney, which even Mediaite rolls its eyes at.  The president, who somehow was never apprised of the implosion of [Read More...]

God King Unilaterally Orders Murder of Grandmother

Not a problem. She was Pakistani.  We can just declare her guilty of something after the fact per standard American policy. It’s good to be king, Mr. President. [Read more...]