Comedy Gold

WEBSITE CRASHES AS SEBELIUS SPEAKS… HOT MIC: ‘Don’t do this to me’… It’s always fascinating to me to watch underlings fall on their sword.   [Read more...]

The Moral Disintegration of the President

It turns out that if you have no qualms about murdering newborn babies, it can lead step by step to murdering innocent civilians, spying on innocent people all over the world and even lying about citizens losing their health insurance.  Left unchecked, this sort of moral disintegration can lead to jaywalking, fibbing, and even cheating [Read More...]

The Obamas Continue the English Reformation

The English Reformation was aptly described as a revolt of the rich against the poor. Henry basically gutted institutions that protect the poor and made sure the money went to him and his cronies. The English were taught to cheer for their oppressors as they got herded into cities and enjoyed the privilege of becoming [Read More...]

Everything is Under Control

A bit rude, particularly at the beginning, but still hilarious: [Read more...]

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama

…waives ban on aiding regimes that use child soldiers. Here’s a recording the volcanic eruption of outrage at this fundamental assault on decency by the God King from the Obama-supporting antiwar Left: Generation Narcissus: The Conscience of our Century [Read more...]

Hard-Hitting Watchdog Media Stands Tall for Peace and Justice

…against a lawless president bent on war–when he’s a Republican. When it’s our Dear Leader on the other hand… Bomb Syria, Even if It Is Illegal On the plus side, not all Lefties are spaniels cheering for Obama to establish his manhood by rushing into a stupid act of war. [Read more...]

This is Fascism. This is Un-American.

Since when did it become a crime to make fun of the Dear Leader? BANNED FOR LIFE! Clowns ordered to ‘sensitivity training’… Announcer, rodeo president resign… ‘I know I’m a clown, Obama just running around acting like one, doesn’t know he is one’… MO CONTROVERSY SPIRALING OUT OF CONTROL… NAACP: DOJ, Secret Service Should Investigate… Does [Read More...]

Steve Ray turns a jaundiced eye…

…on Obama’s promise to Churches re: gay “marriage”. As I say: we’ll see. My expectation is that he won’t (because he can’t) force Churches to marry gays, but he will devise punishments for those that refuse to do so. Since the state largely does this via lawyers, guns and money, I expect these will be [Read More...]

We’ll See

Guy who promised he would not interfere with religious liberty before forcing Catholics to pay for somebody else’s contraception at gunpoint, and who tried to force Lutherans to ordain who he said they should ordain now promises that he will not try to force religious institutions to accept gay “marriage”. This is the Constitutional Scholar [Read More...]

Germans, Familiar with Police States, No Longer Keen on Obama

Obama’s honeymoon with world over… Berlin Speech: 200,000 in 2008; Only 4,500 Today… Germans have undergone ‘brutal sobering up’… Merkel lectures: Internet monitoring must have proper limits… But American Spaniel Media Talking Heads Continue to Run Interference for the Dear Leader: Matthews: Sun ‘Ruined’ Speech Because Couldn’t Use Teleprompter… [Read more...]