President Cultural Imperialist Instructs Irish…

…on their stupid backward Catholic schools. Meanwhile, President Nobel Peace Prize Winner gears up to arm the people who attacked us on 9/11, but in Syria, so it’s okay. And all while spying on us and seriously creeping out an ultimately pliant and cowardly news media that, for the most part, seems to be bending [Read More...]

When you Tell a Lie, Mr. President, Make it a Big One

President defends domestic NSA program as ‘transparent’… I’m no ‘Dick Cheney’… The first lie is the biggest one; the second lie is the funniest.  It’s true you’re no Dick Cheney, Obama.  The truth is, you’re worse, and that takes some doing. Is this man capable of taking *any* responsibility for what he does?  Does every [Read More...]

Bush 44! Now with Extra Death!

“Former CIA Chief: Obama’s War on Terror Same as Bush’s, But With More Killing” Dear Obama Voter: Own This. [Read more...]

Dear Mr. President…

When you arrogate to yourself the power to secretly and unilaterally decree the murder of anybody on planet earth you think needs killin’, including American citizens, and when you also arrogate to yourself the kingly power to detain people without charge for time and eternity, you start to get delusional.  And when you start to [Read More...]

Obama, C.S. Lewis and The Boy Who Cried Wolf

As should be obvious, I have a number of very grave concerns about the Obama Administration.  Allow me to enumerate them: 1. Its absolute and total love affair with abortion, up to and including support for murdering children who have already been born.  In this, it expresses the sole non-negotiable core value of the Dem [Read More...]

What. In. The. Hell?

The IRS demanding to know the content of some religious groups’ prayers? Obama’s IRS continues to look better and better. Meanwhile, even the Onion is starting to notice the stench. At the very least, this is a spectacular failure of oversight for Obama, with whom the buck stops. What remains to be seen is how [Read More...]

If this is true, Obama’s IRS is even more way the hell out of line than it first appeared

Catholic Prof Who Spoke Against the Dear Leader Says She Was Harrassed by the IRS with Demands to Know Who Was Paying Her Cuz this is all about National Security and fighting terror–or something. Nobody cares about Catholic profs, of course. For one thing, they’re Catholic and so obviously have it coming. Who even *knows* [Read More...]

Dear President Nixon, I mean, Obama

Long ago, according to legend, Lyndon Johnson is reputed to have remarked about Vietnam, “If I’ve lost Walter Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.”  He was an astute politician and understood that if you alienate the media and the people who trust them to tell them what actually going on (even if they don’t *really* tell [Read More...]

Yep. Looks Like the Hubris May Finally be Meeting the Nemesis

REPORT: IRS targeted news anchor after Obama interview… ‘After interview, IRS started hammering me’… IRS won’t say if agency will comply with Congressional demand… Top IRS official: ‘Mistakes were made’… Guilty of ‘lack of sensitivity’… Knew of tea party targeting for year, didn’t reveal… REUTERS: KNEW IN 2011… DC headquarters targeted conservatives… LIB GROUP: IRS [Read More...]

Our Helpless God King

He’s helpless, I tell you!  Helpless! And plus, it’s all Bush’s fault! And also, Obama’s helpless. [Read more...]