Dear Obama Supporter

In addition to the filthy chamber of horrors abortion supporters have been studiously protecting and lying about, you also bear full responsibility for this: ONE man here weighs just 77 pounds. Another, 98. Last thing I knew, I weighed 132, but that was a month ago. I’ve been on a hunger strike since Feb. 10 [Read More...]

Revoke the God King’s Nobel Peace Prize

The Trendies had their fun and gave the utterly unworthy Barack Obama a Nobel Peace Prize as a way of extending an upraised middle finger to George W. Bush.  But in a living laboratory demonstration of the principle that The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend is rubbish, Obama has demonstrated that The Who [Read More...]

Compare and Contrast

A reader writes: Savor .the ongoing silence about Obama’s ongoing Drone War against civilians, including children, in Pakistan right now, as opposed to what will be the incessant chatter about Cardinal Bergoglio’s imaginary role in the Dirty War in Argentina forty years ago. The Pope of Roman Catholics must be raked over coals, but their [Read More...]

Obama adds lies to murder

Licking his wounds inflicted by Rand Paul’s filibuster and using his tried and true “Blame Bush” strategy, Obama is now attempting to divert attention from his despicable and despotic “secret murder by drone” policy by the tried and true method of pointing fingers at Cheney: President Barack Obama’s defense to Democratic senators complaining about how [Read More...]

Outraged, Conscientious Hollywood Protests Targeting Civilians with Drone Strikes

If you define “outraged” as “lickspittle”, “conscientious” as “fawning”, and “protests” as “studiously ignores”. [Read more...]

In the Pages of the New Yorker, This is Like Blaspheming the Holy Spirit

HT: [Read more...]

That’s about right

Though Bush never voted himself the power to secretly and unaccountable murder anybody in the world His Imperial Majesty decided to kill.  It took His Royal Highness Obama I, Constitutional Scholar, to establish the principle that the President is a totally law-free murderer whenever he thinks you need to die.  Strange how quiet the “anti-war” [Read More...]

Democrats Assume Commanding Lead…

…in the race for Most Disgusting Hypocrites. One could argue that they took the prize long ago what with the whole “We Care About the Weak and Dispossessed–and Fanatically Support Killing Babies” thing. But given the generation of people who have been raised with such tortured propaganda that many seriously think that killing babies is [Read More...]

Hope and Change

[Read more...]

Dead Innocents are Bad

…in America: In Pakistan, they are “collateral damage”–even when we target them. [Read more...]