Narcissist-in-Chief Celebrates Self

He did it. Goody for him. Meanwhile, in really interesting news, strongest evidence for life on Mars yet has been found. Oh, and more people will be at the March for Life than will be at the Inauguration. [Read more…]

Our Dear Leader Celebrates the Religious Liberties He Allows Us to Still Retain

Tom McDonald offers his pungent opinions on what our Dear Leader can do with his fake celebration of Religious Liberty. The Lord thy President is a jealous god and doesn’t much like this whole religious liberty thing since the God of Israel really cuts into Caesar’s turf and get in the way of Big Plans. [Read More…]

Principled Lefties vs. Obama Shills

In one corner, you have Lefties protesting (albeit futilely, but still honorably) Obama’s cynical elevation of his Assassination Czar to the head of the CIA. In the other, you have Obama shills suddenly dropping their fake dudgeon about “diversity”  and the NY Times doing apologetics for Guantanamo faster than a wine and cheese eater in [Read More…]

Obama DOJ Loses in Court…

…to the prolife demonstrator they tried to bully and harrass.  Good!  More judicial defeats for more Executive overreach, please. [Read more…]

NY Times recommends scrapping the Constitution

…because people like the creators of the NY Times and our Ruling Class are just so much smarter than the rest of us. Fundamentally undermining the entire legal, social, and civil order of the most awesomely powerful militarist society on the planet, scrapping it and replacing it with something else? What could possibly go wrong? [Read More…]

You Are Safer Than Ever

Now that the deeply-hostile-to-the-processes-of-democracy Obama Administration has voted not only itself but foreign despots as well the power to access pretty much any private information about you it wants and call it “counterterrorism”. Top U.S. intelligence officials gathered in the White House Situation Room in March to debate a controversial proposal. Counterterrorism officials wanted to [Read More…]


Not wanting to have the state stick a gun in your ribs and force you to pay for Sandra Fluke’s contraception or abortions is “War on Women”. Voting for the guy who supports Morsi, the Egyptian strong man who sends out rape squads to get women back in line with his regime is not “war [Read More…]

Come O! Come O! Emmanuel!

Great Art That Deep Thinkers Must Revere: Appalling Blasphemy That Cannot be Allowed on eBay Even to Raise Money for Charity: O come, let us adore him! [Read more…]

That about sums it up

President Barack Obama Briefly Worried That His Unaccountable, Murderous Power Might Fall Into Republican Hands The immense and insufferable hubris of the Left is nowhere more clearly on display than when it regards itself as naturally anointed, by its assumed superiority of brains and morals, to have the obvious right of deciding the life and [Read More…]

Not In Our Name

A petition to end the administration’s policy of blowing up “probable” terrorists, as well as a goodly number of innocent men, women and children in strikes targeting such dangerous people as rescue workers and funeral goers, all on the basis of our omnipotent God King’s secret and unaccountable will alone. [Read more…]