Vatican Does a Minor Act of Generosity to Commemorate Reformation

Greatest Catholics of All Time Freak Out. It’s the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. Of *course* the Church will mark the occasion. So what’s the response? I’m watching while uber-Catholics seriously mull leaving the Church for Orthodoxy. Because nothing will fix schism like leaving the Church over a stamp. That’ll show Luther! [Read more…]

Simcha Fisher on the Odious Pewsitter Site

In parts of the Islamic world, women can get horsewhipped and killed for the “crime” of getting raped.  That’s because, in certain barbarous parts of the world, all that matters is that the female organism underwent the act of coitus, forced or consensual, to incur ritual guilt with very real penalties.  It’s a mindset that [Read More…]

Gerard Nadal Ph D nails it …

…concerning the Greatest Catholics of All Time once again bashing our good and holy pope: “Some other award winning and sensational headlines from years gone by: Jesus Dines with Prostitutes Galilean Rabbi Allows Woman with 12-year Hemorrhage to Touch Him. Jesus at it Again, This Time Dines with Tax Collector. Nazorean has Feet Washed by [Read More…]