Did you know people could be forcibly catheterized…

…for drug testing?  Am I the only person who thinks that is insane? [Read more…]

The American Experiment and Truth Cancer

When I contemplate the fact that the Land of the Free has a bigger prison population than Stalin, and I read about such Big Brotherism as this: “The NIH inventors have developed a mobile health technology to monitor and predict a user’s psychological status and to deliver an automated intervention when needed. The technology uses [Read More…]

Behold the Face of a Criminal

This little kid was permanently disfigured by a “no knock” SWAT raid on his house when the cops threw a grenade next to his crib.  His medical bills run in excess of a million dollars.  His parents filed suit.  The cops (who lied that his injuries were minor) now blame the victim when, as events proved, [Read More…]

Demented Home Invasions by Police…

…in Wisconsin. Bizarre. [Read more…]

The GOP: On the Cutting Edge of the Late 19th Century

In a week when a cop’s lie about cold-blooded murder has been exposed by the courage of a citizen who filmed the whole thing, yet another GOP pol has proposed yet another bit of insanity in the form of a law forbidding citizens from filming cops.  It demonstrates, yet again, that the GOP is not [Read More…]

If You or I Kill Somebody, We are Required to Answer Questions About That

When Coconut Creek, Florida police kill people, they can just declare that “confidential” and then they don’t have to answer any questions about it. [Read more…]

I’m with him on this

The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive The decision is a travesty and the cop who killed this man is getting away with murder. Not to worry though. There was one indictment to come out of this case. The man who filmed the murder has been indicted. [Read More…]

Baltimore Cops Beat up Innocent Old Lady

…discover that she’s tougher than they realized. Baltimore is hemorrhaging money from suits against cops.  Naturally, the bureaucrats don’t think of hiring better cops, they think of screwing the victims out of money.  Smart. [Read more…]

The War on Okra

Heavily armed drug cops raid retiree’s garden, seize okra plants If we let the elderly fry their okra, we might as well just give Hezbollah our whole freaking Navy. – Reader Michael Lichens In other “Georgia police invading homes to kill and maim for nothing” news, this man was killed, in his drug-free home, by [Read More…]

Stunning Legal Theft

Another week, another astounding revelation of the police kleptocracy we live under (NSFW language, but do watch it): [Read more…]