Because we don’t live in a police state or anything

“Currently,” said McCaul, “there are about 200 active Certificates of Authorization issued by the Federal Aviation Administration to over 100 different entities, such as law enforcement departments and academic institutions, to fly drones domestically.” Our Ruling Class: they hate us for our freedom. They should have named the War on Terror “Operation Enduring Slavery”. [Read more...]

Our Ruling Class Prepares to Meet the Growing Threat…

…of the American people: DHS has 2700+ of these. Because we don’t live in a police state or anything. Feel safe. Or you are an enemy of the State. [Read more...]

The Beautiful Thing About Being Catholic…

…is that John Barnes and I can come together for different reasons to heap contempt on our Nanny Police State.  How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity. Meanwhile, as people continue to blather about how we *have* to vote for Romney because it’s “realistic” to vote for the most unreal [Read More...]

Our Ruling Class Explains “Shut up”

…to you puny subjects who think the government should not establish a police/security state. As Chesterton says, when you reject the Big Laws (of God) you don’t get freedom and you don’t even get anarchy. You get the small laws. A rapidly de-christianizing United States is not going to be an Anything Goes Pleasure Palace. [Read More...]

The Dude Abides

Vote for George Willard Obama! Or you may be an enemy of freedom! [Read more...]

Why We Must Stop Children from Drawing on Sidewalks with Chalk

It could lead to horrors like this. For the love of all that is holy, Denver parents, get your children back on those video games where they belong!   [Read more...]

Irish Government To Make War…

on the Seal of the Confessional “for the children”. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Not gonna protect a single kid, only going to contribute to an already metastasizing surveillance state, ultimately going to make Caesar stupider than he already is since sin makes you stupid and attacking a sacrament is a massively stupid sin. Triple threat. Has [Read More...]

Yes, yes, yes. I *know* the site is ritually impure…

…but still, read this and tell me Orwell is not incredibly prescient–and that we are not living a great deal of 1984 more and more right here in the Land of the Allegedly Free. [Read more...]

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation…

…educating the herd toward surveillance state docility toward our Ruling Class. Have I mentioned that if you homeschool there will be no quack galvanic response bracelets costing a fortune and yielding dubious results? [Read more...]

Strange times

When I was a kid, I was taught that the greatness of America lay in the fact that the government couldn’t just declare you an enemy of the state and order your death. That was what wicked totalitarian regimes like Russia and China did. We lived in a free country ruled by elected officials who [Read More...]

How a Drone War Works

1. President orders somebody killed, based on God knows what. 2. By their mystic arts, people operating drones decide they have found the person the President wants dead.* 3. Drone blows up that person and whoever else happens to be around, like this kid: 4. All victims (funeral goers, teenagers, etc.) are labeled “combatants” for [Read More...]

Some are asking why…

the random citizens of Aurora, Colorado who were handcuffed and their cars searched by the jackbooted thugs police for the crime of being in the wrong place at the wrong time did not fight back or resist this outrageous eruption of Soviet tactics into American life. Here’s why: Look at that menacing child. It’s good [Read More...]