There are still some bugs to be worked out of the Police/Surveillance State

One of them is when the Police accidently get their own selves surveilled when they don’t want to be. The woman is suing these goons for $2 million. ‘They sat her down on a bench and yanked them out… they were embedded in her upper-left breast, if you can imagine,’ Jeremy Beaver said. Officer Taylor-Santino [Read More…]

Feel Safer Or You May Be An Enemy of the State

Senate Bill rewrite lets Feds read your email without a warrant I wonder if they will send the cops to tase you into cardiac arrest if you find a hack around that. What I find darkly amusing about the latter story is that, after a cursory mention of an innocent woman brutally tased to her [Read More…]

The Taser States of America

Seems like hardly a week goes by that you don’t hear about some power-drunk cop tasing somebody for some triviality. This week’s story: some guy on his own property, defending his own house and his own family from a fire, using his own garden hose is tased by this week’s police state bully. I hope [Read More…]

The People’s Democratic National Security State of Heaven

eats its own in an exquisite act of justice.  Even an atheist like Glenn Greenwald can only barely be restrained from seeing the hand of God in it: It is usually the case that abuses of state power become a source for concern and opposition only when they begin to subsume the elites who are [Read More…]

Orwell would be proud

“We want to make people feel safe” What is Baltimore doing to make people feel safe?  Why, recording every word they say in private conversation on buses. If I were the people of Baltimore, I would mount a campaign to arm every passenger with a boom box at full volume until that bloody Soviet measure [Read More…]

Our Post-9/11 Ruling Class

…working together to destroy your liberty while scaring you about the bogeyman. You can jigger Americans into buying almost any intrusion on their rights and privacy–up to and including handing the Tyrant-in-Chief the power to torture, indefinitely jail and murder you on a whim–just so long as you tell people it’s to defeat “terror”. And [Read More…]

The Police State Grows

Here in the Soviet of Washington, we now have drones patrolling the population. The general pattern has been that the Ruling Class tries out on foreigners what it then gets around to using on us. Indefinite detention and murder have been used against the foreigner. Now the God King (and the rest of the Ruling [Read More…]

See, Here’s the Thing: Zombies Aren’t Real

…which means that, cute and funny as all this is, what is actually happening is that your Ruling Class is preparing, not for a zombie apocalypse, but for finding ways to wage war on, well, you. Not a war of aggression. Not yet. These are still defensive maneuvers centering around “zombies” trying to harm some [Read More…]

Daniel Nichols Finds a Reason to Vote for Romney

It’s something like Dale Price’s tongue in cheek remark that a Republican in the White House will jog the press into doing their jobs. If George W Bush had targeted American citizens for assassination, or killed so many civilians in drone strikes, or had expanded presidential powers at such an alarming rate we would, I [Read More…]


Greenwald: [I]t is almost certainly the case that an Obama-led attack on Iran would generate far more public support than a Romney-led attack, because most Democrats will almost certainly cheer for the former while pretending to be horrified by the latter, will while Republicans would support both (that’s the dynamic that made the very same [Read More…]