On the Gitmoization

…of our Police State. It’s not left vs. right. It’s our Ruling Class vs. the rest of us. [Read more...]

Feel Safe or You May be an Enemy of the State

It’s just a matter of time before Caesar decides that not every heel is in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen and (under the doctrine that Everywhere is the Battlefield in the War on Terror) decides that an increasing number of domestic crimes by citizens are “terror”. [Read more...]

Am I the only one who thinks this is rather hysterical?

So some guy who got dismissed from the priesthood in 2003 for being a perv turns up working for TSA at Philly airport: A TSA official tells the I-Team Harkins’ title is “Transportation Security Manager, Baggage,” meaning he deals mostly with luggage, not passengers. “Sure, that’s his title,” Polesir said. “That doesn’t mean that’s where [Read More...]

Dear Department of Homeland Security

President Barack Obama is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life. He is just and wise and when he secretly decides to unilaterally sentence somebody to death, I believe he is always right and never wrong and any mistake that may happen and any civilians who may die [Read More...]

Yes, yes. I realize it’s a ritually impure source

…full of leftist cooties and other terrible defiling things. Still, I think the actual facts discussed in this article should be troubling. The actual function of the police is supposed to be to defend the common good from criminals, not to entice marginal people to be criminals and provide them with the means to do [Read More...]

Oligarchic Police State…

…to mount charm offensive. Feel safe, or you may be an enemy of the state. [Read more...]

Ideas have Consequences

Once Caesar get comfy with the use of torture of swarthy foreigners, it’s just a matter of time before he starts thinking its would be a neat tool to use on American citizens too. That, in addition to the fact that torture is, you know, evil, is part of why I have banged the drum [Read More...]

Stop the HHS Mandate!

Have you signed the Petition? While you’re at it sign this petition against the NDAA which give our Tyrant King the power to indefinitely detain any American citizen forever without trial. if you are a lefty who voted for him, you have a special obligation to sign this or shut up forever about the Bushies [Read More...]

The Totalization of War Continues

As our Police State continues stampeding us toward an eternal war footing in which Everywhere is the Battlefield and Everyone is a Combatant, it only stands to reason that we should get little consolation trinkets as gold stars for being good citizens of the totalizing War State. So lawmakers are looking to hand out Purple [Read More...]

Our Ruling Classes Launch Fresh Assault on Us

House passes CISPA, which effectively strips you of all fourth amendment rights if you happen to be using a computer. Feel safer, or you could be an enemy of the State. [Read more...]

Coming soon to a Police State Near you

Step one, “They’ll only go after the bad guys.” Step two, “It was just some bad apples.” Step three, There’s no step three. Everyone’s too scared to say anything. This is really sinister. And you’ll be next in a few years, if you step out of line. [Read more...]