Police State Good News (and Bad News)

Good News: “Amid a national furor over police militarization, the San Jose Police Department has decided to get rid of a 15-ton armored vehicle it received earlier this year from a federal military surplus program.” More Good news: San Diego School District returns utterly ridiculous giant armored vehicle. Bad News: While generously foregoing the vitally [Read More…]

American Police State Fleecing Tourists

American shakedown: Police won’t charge you, but they’ll grab your money U.S. police are operating a co-ordinated scheme to seize as much of the public’s cash as they can [Read more…]

Laughing and Fistbumping as they Beat a Handcuffed Nurse

…the LAPD cops forgot that the growth of the surveillance state is not an unalloyed benefit to the police it is supposed to empower. One presumes they will get the customary Severe Vacation with Pay for beating the living daylights out of a defenseless woman. But now and then justice is done when they get [Read More…]

Beverly Hills Cops Bust Guy for Walking While Black

Wow. WHEN YOU “FIT THE DESCRIPTION”! It’s one of those things that you hear about, but never think it would happen to you. On Friday afternoon, August 22nd around 5:20pm, while innocently walking by myself from a restaurant on Wilshire Blvd, to my car up LaCienega Blvd my freedom was taken from me by the [Read More…]

One California Town’s Answer to Police Brutality…

…has lowered the use of force by 60%.  It’s pretty simple: the cops are required to wear video cameras while on duty. One unexpected side effect of the surveillance state is that the police are being watched too. So when some cop decides to show a guy in a wheelchair who is boss: or bash [Read More…]

NPR does an interesting piece on our militarized cops

here. The problem, of course, is not primarily with the cops but with the policymakers who give the orders and are assiduously working to transform the police from peacekeepers in a free society to instruments for treating a subject population like threats, enemy combatants, and cattle. The weaponization and militarization of the cops tells you [Read More…]

John Oliver on Ferguson

NSFW: 1400%. Wow. [Read more…]

When did Missouri become an Iron Curtain Country?

News crew tear gassed and their equipment dismantled. What’s interesting and creepy (to me as a blogger) is that as real journalists are harrassed and intimidated and arrested by the Glorious Democratic Police Army of Ferguson, the reportage depends on private citizen with cellphone, Twitter and Youtube. The problem is that a lot of this [Read More…]

Weaponized Goon Police in Ferguson, MO

…protect the living daylights out of reporters and journalists who were typing very, very dangerously When our police state decides you are allowed to know what they are doing, selected State Information Agents will be permitted to repeat what they are told. Go back to your TV and shopping. Nothing to see here. Move along. [Read more…]

The press has freer access to Iraq…

…than to the police state of Ferguson, MO, where a cop shot an unarmed kid eight times.  He is on the customary Severe Vacation with Pay.  We aren’t allowed to know his name. [Read more…]