Good news! Justina Pelletier Goes Home

I hope her parents get a gazillion dollars in lawsuit money from the state for this. [Read more...]

The police state continues…

to protect the living daylights out of people: SWAT throws flash grenade into crib, severely burning child Less than two days after this, the DA cleared the task force of any wrongdoing, despite not having had time to investigate anything. When they shot an innocent pastor to death five years ago, the same DA also [Read More...]

Another Terrorist Brought to Justice!

Honor student charged with two felonies for making a volcano for a science project [Read more...]

We Kill People Based on Metadata

No. Seriously. Fortunately, it’s just worthless foreigners we are reasonably sure need killing. And if it’s a mistake, no big deal. It’s not like we are doing everything we can to engender hatred of the US and create a fertile recruiting ground for more Islamic radicalism. Best part: It’s just a matter of time before [Read More...]

22 Year Old Man with Down Syndrome Beaten by Cops

…for having a bulge in his pants. Turns out to have been a colostomy bag. That’ll teach him. See, if you want an icon for opposing the growth of the police state, use this guy, not some flag-wrapped criminal in a cowboy hat who musters a private army and hides behind women and children human [Read More...]

Nascent Police States…

…select *for* people like this: 6 S.F. officers indicted over residential hotel searches One-third of California town’s police force arrested for scheming cars from poor Hispanics [Read more...]

A Grateful Nation Murders a 95 year old WWII Vet

…for refusing surgery and getting cranky.  The extremely dangerous 95 year old was confronted by a SWAT team of jackbooted thugs in riot gear who thoroughly tasered him and then shot him in the stomach with a beanbag gun, successfully murdering him in cold blood and ridding us of another Enemy of Freedom. There was, of course, [Read More...]

Warrior Cops Beat Innocent, Unarmed Man to Death

Nascent police states select for these goons. It’s a great gig when the penalty for murdering a man in cold blood is paid vacation. [Read more...]

“You Have No Rights”

The sort of goon a nascent police state–like ours–seeks, promotes, and rewards. Baltimore County cops doing their thing at the Towson bars. from Gootz on Vimeo. The increase in such incidents from such cops is not accidental. It is the result of policy from our Ruling Class, which regards us as subjects, cattle, and potential [Read More...]

Cops Murder 80 Year Old Guy in His Bed

Turns out he didn’t have any drugs. But they did log some valuable target practice. He no doubt had it coming for having an “aggressive posture“, like the 86 year old bed-ridden woman who got repeatedly tased and her air hose cut off by cops who then arrested her grandson for defending her from the [Read More...]