“You Have No Rights”

The sort of goon a nascent police state–like ours–seeks, promotes, and rewards. Baltimore County cops doing their thing at the Towson bars. from Gootz on Vimeo. The increase in such incidents from such cops is not accidental. It is the result of policy from our Ruling Class, which regards us as subjects, cattle, and potential [Read More...]

Cops Murder 80 Year Old Guy in His Bed

Turns out he didn’t have any drugs. But they did log some valuable target practice. He no doubt had it coming for having an “aggressive posture“, like the 86 year old bed-ridden woman who got repeatedly tased and her air hose cut off by cops who then arrested her grandson for defending her from the [Read More...]

Homeland Security Seizes Fake NFL Merch

You may wonder “How is fake NFL merch a Homeland Security issue?” Ah! But you fail to grasp the evolving view of our Ruling Class on what is “terror” and who the enemy is. Once you declare that “the battlefield is everywhere” and you adopt an elastic enough view that “terror” means “crime” and “crime” [Read More...]

Deaf Cabbie Doesn’t Respond to Cops Yelling at Him

…so they beat him for seven minutes: Nascent police states–like ours–tend to select for these goons. In related news, warrantless cop breaks into home and kills unarmed teen.  Judge lets him walk. [Read more...]

Ruling Class Quietly Continues to Prepare to Defend Itself from…

…or make aggressive war on, the rest of us. Florida police department now prepared for mine fields, ground assault Officer Keith Holmes shows off the Fort Pierce Police Department’s new Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle. The Fort Pierce Police Department is ready for war. The Florida city of 42,000 now boasts a six-wheel, 61,700-pound armored vehicle [Read More...]

TX Court Says Search Warrants Can be Based on “Future Crime”

Good. It’s so wearying for the police state to have to wait around for you to do something wrong when they can just start busting you on hunches that you might do something wrong. The tedious search for just cause is a real drag on Caesar’s deep longing for ruthless efficiency. I suspect “future crime” [Read More...]

From our “Crime and Punishment in the Burgeoning Police State” Files

Here are three incredible stories: First, a judge gets something like a just sentence for being a living demonstration of some of the evils of unrestrained capitalism and blind faith in “market forces” as the sole guide to life. Seems the good judge sentenced 4000 kids (some as young as 10) to prison so that [Read More...]

Today in Unbelievable Police State Outrage News

There is a coda to this: the man subjected to these outrages has been billed by the hospital for thousands of dollars. I hope he soaks both the cops and the hospital for millions and millions and millions of dollars and that the people who committed this multiple gang bang act of sodomy against him [Read More...]

A Police State Tends to Select More and More *for* These Kinds of Goons

Cop savagely beats disabled man because of “bulge” in his clothes that turned out to be a colostomy bag. Cops murder 80 year old in his home, claim they smelled meth. No meth. Widow is suing them for $50 million. I hope she gets every penny and they get life in prison. Two cops beat [Read More...]

In a Pagan World…

…the normal, room temperature state of the great mass of humanity is Master/Slave throughout almost its entire history. It is a world in which the strong do as they please and the weak suffer what they must. Slavery is so deeply embedded in our fallenness that only after the centuries could the gospel extirpate slavery [Read More...]