Our Dear Leader is Just and Wise

I think the disloyal people who are making fun of him and questioning his just and wise Justice and Wisdom are motivated solely by racism. And, um, disloyalty. And, er, homophobia. And Climate Change Denial. When will distrustful and selfish people here in America and around the world realize that our Dear Leader only requires [Read More...]

Police State Tries to Intimidate Greenwald

Fails.  It was the Brits acting as lackeys, but have no doubt this is orchestrated by the Obama Administration. Note well how “terrorism” was used as the transparently phony excuse for this act of intimidation. This is obviously a rather profound escalation of their attacks on the news-gathering process and journalism. It’s bad enough to [Read More...]

I love my country

…but I feel only a mixture of contempt and fear for my government: I no longer live in a country where I am a citizen.  I am, I expect for the rest of my life, a subject and a suspect of a police state that exists primarily to protect our Ruling Class from the rest [Read More...]

Cops Punch Out and Mace 14 Year Old Mentally Ill Girl

As the police state evolves, more of these people find an ecological niche in police work: A post-Christian state is going to feature more and more of this kind of authoritarian violence against the weak. [Read more...]

As we devolve into a police state…

…the sort of people who know how to use the law to enrich themselves and rob powerless people figure out how to do exactly that and find their ecological niche in an increasingly morally debased police force. [Read more...]

Jennifer Pierce Speaks the Truth

“Unless something changes soon, people will look back on this decade and the last as the decades in which America committed suicide in self-defense.” Yup. [Read more...]

The Gestapo and the Stasi Taught Germans a Hard Lesson

…that we Americans are about to learn. I love my country. But I only fear my government and despise our Ruling Class, who I pray for and forgive, but do not honor in the slightest. I honor their office insofar as it still participates in ordering society for the common good. But there is and [Read More...]

The More Our Ruling Class…

…see us as enemies, subjects, and cattle the more we will see domestic police become indistinguishable from the military.  Our Ruling Class no longer serve us.  They serve these guys. [Read more...]

The kind of language a paranoid police state uses…

…just before it starts rounding up the Catholics and other undesirables: “The FBI is asking private security personnel to be on the lookout for employees with ‘a desire to help the “underdog” or a particular cause,’ those who are ‘James Bond Wannabe[s], and anyone with a ‘divided loyalty: allegiance to another person or company or to [Read More...]

State of California Spays Human Herd

Fortunately, it was just subhuman female prisoners who were forcibly sterilized so no big deal.  The State will never, of course, start telling citizens who does and does not get to breed or forcibly arrest and sterilize Catholics and other undesirables.  And if it does, hey!  It’s just Catholics.  They have it coming.  The less [Read More...]