A Police State Tends to Select More and More *for* These Kinds of Goons

Cop savagely beats disabled man because of “bulge” in his clothes that turned out to be a colostomy bag. Cops murder 80 year old in his home, claim they smelled meth. No meth. Widow is suing them for $50 million. I hope she gets every penny and they get life in prison. Two cops beat [Read More…]

In a Pagan World…

…the normal, room temperature state of the great mass of humanity is Master/Slave throughout almost its entire history. It is a world in which the strong do as they please and the weak suffer what they must. Slavery is so deeply embedded in our fallenness that only after the centuries could the gospel extirpate slavery [Read More…]

Feel Safe–or You May be an Enemy of Freedom

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TSA is Your Friend! Trust TSA!

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One of the Three Perps in this Video Takes Responsibility for Being a Criminal

As we devolve into a Police Surveillance State, it will be an interesting horse race to see if thugs in uniform will be able to avoid being captured on video when they behave like thugs. Sometimes the all-seeing eyes of the surveillance state see the wrong things. At present, there’s no good mechanism to keep [Read More…]

Haw Haw! Crazy Redneck Bible Thumper Gets Tased! is pretty much the subtext…

…of this article. Definitely one of those “Life’s Wacky Moments” sort of pieces. That’s because Our Vigilant Media, particularly when it comes to Police State Abuse, like to pull their punches when the victim is a Christian, and especially a Southerner. So, for instance, the headline doesn’t read “Brain-Damaged Car Accident Victim with Huntington’s Chorea [Read More…]

Our Dear Leader is Just and Wise

I think the disloyal people who are making fun of him and questioning his just and wise Justice and Wisdom are motivated solely by racism. And, um, disloyalty. And, er, homophobia. And Climate Change Denial. When will distrustful and selfish people here in America and around the world realize that our Dear Leader only requires [Read More…]

Police State Tries to Intimidate Greenwald

Fails.  It was the Brits acting as lackeys, but have no doubt this is orchestrated by the Obama Administration. Note well how “terrorism” was used as the transparently phony excuse for this act of intimidation. This is obviously a rather profound escalation of their attacks on the news-gathering process and journalism. It’s bad enough to [Read More…]

I love my country

…but I feel only a mixture of contempt and fear for my government: I no longer live in a country where I am a citizen.  I am, I expect for the rest of my life, a subject and a suspect of a police state that exists primarily to protect our Ruling Class from the rest [Read More…]

Cops Punch Out and Mace 14 Year Old Mentally Ill Girl

As the police state evolves, more of these people find an ecological niche in police work: A post-Christian state is going to feature more and more of this kind of authoritarian violence against the weak. [Read more…]