The More Our Ruling Class…

…see us as enemies, subjects, and cattle the more we will see domestic police become indistinguishable from the military.  Our Ruling Class no longer serve us.  They serve these guys. [Read more...]

The kind of language a paranoid police state uses…

…just before it starts rounding up the Catholics and other undesirables: “The FBI is asking private security personnel to be on the lookout for employees with ‘a desire to help the “underdog” or a particular cause,’ those who are ‘James Bond Wannabe[s], and anyone with a ‘divided loyalty: allegiance to another person or company or to [Read More...]

State of California Spays Human Herd

Fortunately, it was just subhuman female prisoners who were forcibly sterilized so no big deal.  The State will never, of course, start telling citizens who does and does not get to breed or forcibly arrest and sterilize Catholics and other undesirables.  And if it does, hey!  It’s just Catholics.  They have it coming.  The less [Read More...]

Andrew Napolitano Groks Our Morph…

…into a police state. [Read more...]

How Did America’s Police…

Become a Military Force on the Streets? Perhaps when we decided to morph into a police state in exchange for the promise of eternal safety from the government after 9/11?  Your basic Faustain Bargain. [Read more...]

Scenes from the Police State

A few months back, we had this charming revelation of what the Police State is preparing itself to do:   Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. Law Enforcement Targets INC The series contains seven targets in all, titled Pregnant Woman, Older Man 1, Older Man 2, Older Woman, Young Mother, Young Girl, and Little Brother. Each of [Read More...]

Another Straw in the Wind

NYC Expands Surveillance Net to Fight Crime As Well As Terror… As we continue our morph into a militarized police state, increasingly the state will treat all lawbreaking of any kind as an act of war against the State and not merely as crime. So we are already instructed that “the battlefield in the War on [Read More...]

Germans, Familiar with Police States, No Longer Keen on Obama

Obama’s honeymoon with world over… Berlin Speech: 200,000 in 2008; Only 4,500 Today… Germans have undergone ‘brutal sobering up’… Merkel lectures: Internet monitoring must have proper limits… But American Spaniel Media Talking Heads Continue to Run Interference for the Dear Leader: Matthews: Sun ‘Ruined’ Speech Because Couldn’t Use Teleprompter… [Read more...]

Hypocrite Emits Fake Dudgeon

This man is a hack in the service of a Ruling Class that wants to spy on you. He pretends to be upset about it because faking dudgeon lets him land a few punches on Obama. But he supports the Surveillance State completely. The mystery is why anybody watches this guy, much less trusts him [Read More...]

In Response to Greenwald Revelations that Caesar is Spying on All of Us…

Caesar attempts standard, “OOGA BOOGA!!! THE TERRORISTS WILL KILL YOU ALL IF YOU DON’T LET US DO WHATEVER WE WANT!!!” schtick. Reason calls BS on Caesar. Greenwald deserves the Medal of Freedom. [Read more...]