Germans, Familiar with Police States, No Longer Keen on Obama

Obama’s honeymoon with world over… Berlin Speech: 200,000 in 2008; Only 4,500 Today… Germans have undergone ‘brutal sobering up’… Merkel lectures: Internet monitoring must have proper limits… But American Spaniel Media Talking Heads Continue to Run Interference for the Dear Leader: Matthews: Sun ‘Ruined’ Speech Because Couldn’t Use Teleprompter… [Read more…]

Hypocrite Emits Fake Dudgeon

This man is a hack in the service of a Ruling Class that wants to spy on you. He pretends to be upset about it because faking dudgeon lets him land a few punches on Obama. But he supports the Surveillance State completely. The mystery is why anybody watches this guy, much less trusts him [Read More…]

In Response to Greenwald Revelations that Caesar is Spying on All of Us…

Caesar attempts standard, “OOGA BOOGA!!! THE TERRORISTS WILL KILL YOU ALL IF YOU DON’T LET US DO WHATEVER WE WANT!!!” schtick. Reason calls BS on Caesar. Greenwald deserves the Medal of Freedom. [Read more…]

Inside the United States

Hilarious and darkly funny piece on what it would be like if journalists covered the US the way they cover other countries.  What I love is that they have to have a disclaimer at the beginning explaining that it’s satire since our devolution in a Kremlinesque puzzle box makes it so believable that some foreign [Read More…]

IRS to Prolife Group

“Keep your faith to yourself” I wonder if the Feds have ruled on the question of whether “The IRS can go to hell” is a theological statement. [Read more…]

How to tell when you are in deep trouble

When you have Sean Hannity clasping hands with Al Gore and agreeing that you are scary, Jon Stewart and Rush Limbaugh speaking of you as draconian and a tyrant, Glenn Greenwald and Glenn Beck denouncing your astounding and frightening hubris, and cartoons like this showing up on the Daily Kos you are in deep, deep [Read More…]

Something to Think About

From an Atlantic piece on what the technology can do to spy on you: “We also know that the FBI has been intercepting cell-phone data, all but voice content, for the past 20 years without a warrant, and can use the microphone on some powered-off cell phones as a room bug — presumably only with a warrant.” I [Read More…]

I have a hunch…

…we live in a country that is becoming less free and more of a lawless police state each day. The main effect of rejection of Christ on a civilization is to make it find something else to worship. The big four idols are money, sex, power, and honor. Our civilization offers us all four in [Read More…]

Attention Homeschooling Parents: Report to Big Brother in Room 101

He has some questions for you. Very funny piece that manages to forge this trio of sentences in the midst of some other fun verbal fizz: It’s a sham! It’s a sham with yams! It’s a yam sham! Any writer would take pride in that. [Read more…]

When the Executive Has the Power to Murder Whoever He Likes on His Secret and Unilateral Will Alone…

We should not really be surprised when those who work for the executive do sketchy things. A reader writes: Remember that guy who was shot during his FBI interview in FLA a couple weeks ago. Remember how we were told he “suddenly became violent and attacked his interviewers with a knife”. Then it was no [Read More…]