Nothing Brings out the Inner Cowardly Police State Sycophant

…like a terrorist act.  First, McCain and Lindsey Graham wet themselves and demand suspension of the Constitution for an American citizen they have decided to declare an “enemy combatant” on the basis of nothing.  Now the reliably hysterical Glenn Beck endorses vigilante execution by police (“…and the other hopefully being killed right now“). These guys [Read More...]

An Entire City Locked into a Police State Freeze

…and now our Ruling Classes are seizing the opportunity cow us into abandoning our rights to due process in panic over two guys. As of this writing, the bomber, an American citizen, was apparently not read his rights.  If Obama does nothing about that, then fascists like the Rubber Hose Right will cheer, lefties will offer [Read More...]

The Horror

Amish prosecuted because scissors ‘crossed state lines’… Big Brother protects us from yet another crazed radical religious group. [Read more...]

From our “Must Laugh to Keep From Weeping” File

Feel Safe!  Or you may be an Enemy of the State! [Read more...]

Bill Kristol: Infallibly Wrong About Everything

Bill Kristol, Warmonger Extraordinaire, has managed to be so wrong so often about so many things that when he attacks something or somebody, it’s a kind of negative imprimatur.  No.  Really.  The guy has a sort of charism of wrongness: So what is his Wrongitude up to now?  Why, joining up with McCain and Graham [Read More...]

God Bless Ron Wyden and Rand Paul!

Conor Friedersdorf sums up the challenge they offered to Obama’s tyrannical regime: When Sen. Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, stopped by the Senate floor Wednesday to help out Rand Paul with his filibuster, he spoke for several minutes in the guise of asking a question. But his remarks can really be boiled down to one [Read More...]

Strange Bedfellows

Al Quaeda offers some tips to Western civil libertarians who resent the encroaching police state on 22 ways to avoid drones spying on you and (when the day comes for Caesar to start making war on citizens on behalf of the rich and powerful) killing you. [Read more...]

Meet the New Boss

…same as the old boss: But wait!  What’s this?  Some fool who won’t get fooled again? A bit more of Paul’s epic “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” moment: “When I asked the president, ‘Can you kill an American on American soil?’ it should have been an easy answer. It’s an easy question. It should have [Read More...]

More Scenes from our Emerging Police State

…chronicled here. Particularly notable is this SWAT officer punching out an unarmed and puzzled guy on a cellphone (in “self defense” sez he) and then fleeing the scene. The victim was required two brain surgeries and was on life support for 40 hours. The assailant cop had already figured prominently in a raid on the [Read More...]

Militarized Police…

…continue Ruling Class program of treating Americans, not as free citizens of a free country, but as suspect subjects of a police state that is free to spy on them and, when it chooses shoot pregnant women and children without hesitation. More and more, you get the sense that the police are not being trained [Read More...]