Militarized Police…

…continue Ruling Class program of treating Americans, not as free citizens of a free country, but as suspect subjects of a police state that is free to spy on them and, when it chooses shoot pregnant women and children without hesitation. More and more, you get the sense that the police are not being trained [Read More…]

Training a New Generation of Cops for the Police State

A new generation of cops are being trained in the latest desensitization tactics in order give them that inner sense of freedom they need in order to shoot children and pregnant women without hesitation.  No.  Really: No doubt somebody will offer a logical, reasonable explanation why cops need to be trained to blow off the [Read More…]

Thugs in Uniform Kill Down’s Syndrome Kid

…over 11 bucks. There’s a certain sort of specimen that gravitates to this work because it’s a power trip. Examples of this stuff can be multiplied, from goons stepping on the oxygen hoses of bedridden old women and then tasering them, to brutes murdering a sick Marine vet in his own home to neanderthals tasing [Read More…]

We have such generous friends abroad

It’s heartwarming how 54 countries all volunteered to help us run our secret CIA gulag of torture chambers. And all for only three prisoners, according to not-at-all-a-filthy-liar-or-anything Dick Cheney. Happily, Obama has expanded on this program with secret and unilaterally ordered cold-blooded murder of people (including Americans) he thinks need killin’. [Read more…]

Police States Tend to Encourage Cops To be Bullying Thugs

Here, for instance, is hardened criminal Wilson Reyes, age 7, in a photo his mom snapped of him handcuffed in a Bronx precinct. Instead of earning himself a simple trip to the principal’s office, a terrified 7-year-old boy was hauled out of class, handcuffed like a hardened criminal and “interrogated” by police for a grueling 10 [Read More…]

The Playmobil Security Checkpoint (I am not making this up)

Just a little something to help make your children docile drones of the Police State: The Amazon Review subculture is, however, johnny on the spot with the usual hilarity: I was a little disappointed when I first bought this item, because the functionality is limited. My 5 year old son pointed out that the passenger’s [Read More…]

Abortion Clinic Jackbooted Thug…

…attacks peaceful protesters. This little tin-plated fascist with delusions of running the SA or Bull Connor’s Civil Rights unit is guarding the last abortion clinic in Mississippi.  The devil is furious because he knows his time is short. As we devolve into a police state, one of the things that the people in charging of [Read More…]

It’s a Shiny Happy Police State!

The NSA Tells Congress What to Think And Say About the NSA: Checks and Balances in Action [Read more…]

Big Brother: Making Our Lives Easy and *Fun*!

WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – Verizon has filed a patent for targeting ads that collect information from infrared cameras and microphones that can detect the amount of people and types of conversations happening in customers’ living rooms. The set-top box technology is not the first of its kind – Comcast patented similar monitoring technology in 2008 [Read More…]

The Police State Will Not be Mocked

NY Street Artist Arrested for Satirizing Drones I hope somebody in some court smashes this jackbooted fascism to the ground PDQ. [Read more…]