OSV runs an excerpt

from The Heart of Catholic Prayer: Rediscovering the Our Father and the Hail Mary. You can get it here, signed and everything! [Read more...]

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

A reader asks: I loved the article, Is God A Consequentialist? Why do we pray in the Our Father, “Lead us not into temptation.”? Here is a chapter from my book The Heart of Catholic Prayer: Rediscovering the Our Father and the Hail Mary. If you are interested in the rest of my treatment of [Read More...]

Ancient Words for Speechless Moments

Christina Capecchi on The Heart of Catholic Prayer:  Re-Discovering the Our Father and the Hail Mary: I had never considered the interconnection between the Lord’s Prayer and the Hail Mary before my conversation with Shea. The Lord’s Prayer was composed for disciples; the Hail Mary was composed by disciples. The Lord’s Prayer was handed from [Read More...]

Erin Manning Says Nice Things…

…about The Heart of Catholic Prayer.  Sez she: I must thank you for your “Heart of Catholic Prayer” book.  I ordered a copy for my father-in-law for Christmas and am now ordering a second copy ’cause I want to keep one for myself.  Your writing is just so blessedly sane–a rare commodity in Catholic media [Read More...]

A Little Experiment

In the effort to demonstrate that I have a Radio Face, I have recorded a little video giving a bit of background on my book, The Heart of Catholic Prayer: It should be obvious, after seeing this, that you and everybody you know badly needs this book, preferably autographed, for Christmas. Happily, I can oblige [Read More...]

Thanks Christopher Chan!

…for your kind and generous review of The Heart of Catholic Prayer! That’s this book, if you are new to the blog: You can order it by clicking on the cover.  It will make a great Christmas gift for all your fambly and friends and I’ll even sign it!  And if you prefer variety, there’s a [Read More...]

Authors Love Getting Mail Like This

A priest reader writes: I’m only two chapters into your book “The Heart of Catholic Prayer” and already I’m captivated. Every once in a while some one comes along with the gift of putting complicated things into simple, easily understandable words. Pope Benedict is one such person. You are another. As a priest of 35 [Read More...]

Did an Interview with Al Kresta recently…

…about The Heart of Catholic Prayer. You can hear it here. [Read more...]

Prayer is Not a Cosmic Vending Machine

In which Christina Ries and I discuss prayer and my latest book, The Heart of Catholic Prayer: Re-Discovering the Our Father and the Hail Mary. There’s more to come! [Read more...]

Hey Omaha!

I’ll be on “Inside the Pages” on Spirit Catholic Radio today at 8:30 AM. For those not in Omaha, NE. You can listen live at the link or, if you miss it, you can hear a podcast recording here. We’ll be talking about The Heart of Catholic Prayer, the phenomenal new book that people are [Read More...]