The Invaluable Lori Pieper…

on Gospel, Myth, and Story Excellent stuff. Atheists full of the tired wheeze about how the gospel is “really” just a warmed-over pagan myth need to a) read “Mythopoeia” and b) familiarize themselves with real biblical scholarship *outside* the cramped hothouse of the Jesus Seminar, Robert Price, and Bart Ehrman. The New Testament makes occasional [Read More…]

Stephen King as Christian novelist

An interesting take on King that doesn’t really surprise me at all. I read an interview with him once in which he remarked that he saw himself standing in the great tradition of such New England Protestant preachers as Jonathan “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” Edwards. I also recall him writing a [Read More…]

A Curious Demonstration of How Darwinism is a Religion

A reader writes: I saw you mentioned New York Polyphony in a recent post and I thought you might be interested in this. I saw them live last year, and they were stellar! Very sensitive, articulate interpretations and a joy to hear. During the concert, they mentioned a commission they had coming up that piqued [Read More…]