Welp. Looks like it’s time for me to pack it in on the whole “Catholic” thing. Why would somebody go to the trouble of writing a headline in all caps on the internet if it weren’t true? Plus, just look at the leathery old gnarly-lookin’ book! Only a fool would argue with a picture like [Read More...]

Latest Real Jesus turns out to totally agree with discoverer of Latest Real Jesus.

Reza Aslan (whom the HuffPo regards a “religious scholar”): Jesus was a Marxist. Old news, of course. Of the manufacture of Latest Real Jesuses there is no end. As Anthony Sacramone has pointed out: • Jesus was a woman . • Jesus was a space alien and is buried in Japan . • Jesus survived the crucifixion and is buried [Read More...]

Like Clockwork, Media Discovers Latest Real Jesus Just in Time for Easter

This year’s model: Jesus the Married Guy as the NY Times reports that the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” is truly ancient!    A droll reader adds: In other news, scholars have discovered a previously suppressed encyclical in which Pope Pius XII, taking time out from his wartime obsession with dispatching railcars of Italian Jews to Germany, [Read More...]

Latest Real Jesus Shakes Christianity to its Very Foundations!!!

Yet again!!!  Classic, Latest Real Jesus, just Classic! [Read more...]

The Messiah We Need…

…Not the Messiah We Want. Yr. Obdt. Svt responds to a common cultural narrative about Who Jesus Really Was. Relatedly, NT scholar Craig Evans comments on the Latest Real Jesus as regurgitated in the outdated scholarship of Reza Aslan during his quest for his 15 minutes of fame. [Read more...]

“The Testament of Mary” is now on Broadway

From our Cultured Despisers file comes, just in time for Easter, the year’s act of defecation on Christ and his Mother: A Testament of Mary. You can read my review of this awful, awful book here. I can’t imagine even the most secular New Yorker really enjoying this bowl of PC spinach as a theatre [Read More...]

Latest Real Jesus Sighting!

This time, the latest real Jesus turns up at a tourist trap that’s basically “Another Roadside Attraction” set in Japan: Behold the Tomb of Jesus in Shingo, Aomori Prefecture, Japan! Could the millennias-old enigma finally be solved–again? Might we finally have, for the umpteenth time, found the *real* explanation that give us the exciting alternative [Read More...]

The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife…

…is now a confirmed forgery. Replicates blunders from an online version of the gospel of Thomas it was ripped off from. Will the media learn from this Latest Real Jesus incident not to instantly fall for the next Latest Real Jesus? Have fish, since the invention of fishing, ever learned not to bite a hook [Read More...]

Latest Real Jesus, after brief abortive marriage…

gets quicky divorce. Tom McDonald has been following the media hype as it devolved from Shattering Revelation to Nine Day Wonder to Houston We Have a Problem to Nothing to See Here to Autopsy. Funny stuff. When it comes to the Latest Real Jesus, the MSM never learns that it is never a New Jesus [Read More...]

Ross Douthat Again is Full of Common Sense

Here he is on the Latest Real Jesus as sensationally trotted out by the NY Times. Meanwhile, his readers in the comboxes are, unfortunately, NY Times readers, who remind me of this: [Read more...]