Just a reminder to those who think violence substitute for obeying Jesus

Increasingly, I think fear and a kind of sloth are at the bottom of our lazy militarism. “Look!  I lobbed some bombs!  What more can I possibly do?” Well, you could open your hearts to refugees and let them come here. “Absolutely not!  Filthy terrorist kids!  Sean Spicer says five year old Iranian kids want [Read More…]

We can help African Christians have enough to eat…

…for Easter. I know these people. They are the Real Deal. [Read more…]

Bishops ask Congress to think of the least of these

It is doubtful the predatory functional atheists of the Party of Trump, who has never seen a reason to ask God for forgiveness, will listen. But you can’t blame the bishops for trying. [Read more…]

Some good old-fashioned Irish pulling of a tyrant’s nose

…done, in the Irish fashion, right to his face: "We were the wretched refuse on the teeming shore," Irish prime minister says with Donald Trump in the room. pic.twitter.com/7jEfTVvIzE — Barry Malone (@malonebarry) March 17, 2017 [Read more…]

A reader sends along information on immigration

She writes: I wanted to send two resources along regarding immigration law that square with my (limited) experience. People don’t really understand immigration patterns or the procedures involved for people to get here legally or what motivates people to come here without legal status and perhaps they’ll find these illuminating. I had a lot of [Read More…]

But undocumented immigrants don’t pay taxes!

Yes they do. [Read more…]

Trump Administration Wants to Separate Mothers from their Children at the Border

Tell me, Christian, “Prolife”, “Pro-family” Trump Defender: How do you look yourself in the mirror in the morning and cheer for this? How do you sleep at night? This is not complex. Stop tearing families apart. [Read more…]

Immigrants do not increase crime

according to experts with, you know, facts and data and stuff. This is contrary to Administration dogma, so it will be shouted down as “fake news” by the propaganda organs of the Administration and that will be parrotted by Good Christian Trump defenders whose mission creep has led them far afield from defending the unborn [Read More…]

U.S. Bishops Chair On Migration Responds…

…to DHS Memoranda On Immigration Enforcement And Border Security [Read more…]

Christians Doing Good

…to the stranger. If you are looking for Catholic ways to resist, here is a piece on it. [Read more…]