Still More From Sherry Weddell

…on Christian missionary activity in the Muslim world. If you are inclined to grumble that this should be ignored because it is being done by Pentecostals and Evangelicals and not us good Catholics who have the fullness of truth, I urge you to think again. God will happily use anybody who seeks to obey him [Read More…]

More from Sherry Weddell on Muslim Evangelization

She writes: The web is useful but what is truly undergirding this completely new phenomena in history is prayer – decades of organized, global and local corporate intercession by tens of millions of Christians in a prayer movement that Catholics are almost completely unaware of and have ignored.  Combined with the intentional founding of tens [Read More…]

The Good Deacon is right: This is indeed huge!

Arabic to become one of the languages used in papal audiences. Sherry Weddell (who follows news from the missions front closely) tells me that one of the unnoted phenomena from the Islamosphere is a growing underground movement of what are called “Christ followers” in Islam: essentially Muslims who have had an experience of encounter with [Read More…]