Traitorous Germans Conduct Surveillance to Find Out If We Are Spying On Them

It is so sad when people you think are your friends refuse to trust you just because you are prying into their lives on a massive scale.  Since when did the rest of the world decide that the United States of America does not have the right to do whatever we like on their soil?  [Read More…]

It’s not the similarity between Obama and Trayvon Martin

It’s the dissimilarity between Obama and George Zimmerman. When Obama murders a teenaged American without evidence, arrest, judge, jury, or verdict, simply by sentencing him to death by his Royal and Unilateral Will alone, nobody will ever put him on trial.  And Obama can’t even claim that the kid was beating his head into the [Read More…]

Yes We Scan!

Under Obama, America accelerates its transmogrification into  a surveillance state ruled by unelected and unaccountable tyrants. [Read more…]

More evidence that if America was a person, her loved ones would stage an intervention

Breastfeeding Viewed as Potential Terrorist Activity by New York Country Club [Read more…]

The People Who Will Not have the 10 Commandments

will have the 10,000 commandments: [Read more…]

For some weird reason…

Germans are, like, *totally* hypersensitive to the rise of a Police Surveillance State and get all ticked and resentful when the Brits spy on them. Who can fathom the mysterious mind of the German? What’s wrong with an all-seeing Police State if it can keep us all safe from enemies within and make the trains [Read More…]

Another Totally Not-Suspicious News Item

Glenn Greenwald mentions the following in an interview: When I was in Hong Kong, I spoke to my partner in Rio via Skype and told him I would send an electronic encrypted copy of the documents,” Greenwald said. “I did not end up doing it. Two days later his laptop was stolen from our house [Read More…]

This story of an investigative journalist…

…who was looking into the Obama Administration’s threats against, spying on, and intimidation of journalists, and who was killed last week under spectacularly mysterious circumstances after warning that the FBI was tailing him, is so totally super mega not suspicious or anything.  I mean we are talking emphatically and stentoriously NOT SUSPICIOUS OR *ANYTHING*.  So just [Read More…]

I think Miss Alabama Speaks for All of Us

…when she welcomes the Surveillance State and the hope and promise of Safety Through Spying on Miss Alabama: Dig that cheer from We The People. Obama is Just and Wise. [Read more…]

When Tom Tomorrow is On, He’s On

[Read more…]