Well that didn’t take long

Somebody wrote to emotionally defecate on me: “so how do you feel now, Mark, knowing that you helped reelect the Butcher of Kenya? you are the traitor here, and no one else. I sincerely hope you repent before you die. The supreme court will be the biggest death panel in the history of the world, [Read More…]

Last Call

Roll the dice. Vote for the cynical duplicitous liar who is Mitt Romney if you really believe he might accidently do something right in response to prevailing winds. It’s a respectable reason to give him a shot. But for the love of heaven, do not lie to yourself or others by degrading the English language [Read More…]

Romney Says He Favors Abortion…

in Cases Where It Makes People Vote for Him The 2012 Election: Where Satire is Indistinguishable from the Actual Position of the Candidate. [Read more…]

Another Day, Another Romney Betrayal

Romney Surrogate Sends Loud and Clear Message Only Delusional Prolifers Can Fail to Hear: Yesterday, former Republican Senator Norm Coleman told a Republican Jewish Coalition gathering in Ohio that when it comes to Roe v. Wade, pay no attention to those men in black robes. “President Bush was president eight years, Roe v. Wade wasn’t [Read More…]

When trying to evaluate pols…

…you not only have to pay attention to what they say, but to what their enemies say–and to how their enemies distort what they say. This *seems* obvious enough. People bark “Don’t trust the liberal media” and figure that’s it, but it can be trickier than we suppose. So, for instance, people will sometimes send [Read More…]

Romney to Prolifers: I Smack You Around Because I Love You, Baby

Latest bulletin to the prolife movement that this utter fake doesn’t give a rip about you or the unborn and delivers casual slaps in their faces because he knows he can: As if further evidence were needed, pro-lifers just received another reality check that Mitt Romney doesn’t give a discarded gray hair for their cause.  He toldThe [Read More…]

Mitt Romney, Pro-Life CHAMPION!

TMZ has learned Mitt Romney’s son Tagg — who had twins this year through a surrogate — signed an agreement that gave the surrogate, as well as Tagg and his wife, the right to abort the fetuses in non-life threatening situations … and Mitt Romney covered some of the expenses connected with the arrangement. When [Read More…]

Romney in Trouble…

for being out-of-touch plutocrat who cynically holds half of the American people in contempt. This is, I think, grossly inaccurate. 47% is *far* too low a figure. In addition to holding half the electorate in contempt, he also holds in contempt much of his base as well as he lies that he governed Massachusetts as [Read More…]

Romney Again Telegraphs His Catholic Base

Ann Romney: marriage, birth control mandate ‘distract’ from real voting issues Translation: “Mitt Romney isn’t going to do a damn thing about the HHS mandate, you suckers!  Oh, he could not care less about gay marriage either.  Thanks for your support.  Now buzz off.” This is a standard political tactic.  The candidate makes culture war [Read More…]

Romney’s views on abortion rights are absolutely clear

Translation: I believe in deliberately killing innocent human life if it stands in the way of my acquisition of power. In Massachusetts, all innocent human life stood in the way of my acquisition of power because Massachusetts was overwhel mingly pro-abortion. So I was a zealous pro-abort Governor for years and years and you can [Read More…]