Romney on the HHS Mandate

I don’t have a TV that talks to the outside world, so I didn’t see Raymond Arroyo’s interview with Romney.  However a friend who did watch it writes in astonishment: Arroyo asked was what would Romney do about the HHS mandate. Romney did not answer the question. Instead he spent five minutes mouthing platitudes about “freedom [Read More…]

Romney Achieves First Prolife Political Win of Campaign!

Gets Really Truly Deeply Catholic Veep candidate to partly renounce prolife convictions for the sake of  party needs!: Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s strong views on abortion took a back seat to his new boss’s view in a Romney-Ryan campaign response to a Missouri Senate candidate’s controversial remarks about rape and abortion. The statement on behalf [Read More…]

Uncomfortable Truth Dredged from the Memory Hole

While everybody is busy having the vapors over exciting, dynamic Catholic Paul Ryan, permit me to throw a wet blanket on the festivities, as is my custom, by pointing out that a) he was (until it became awkward) a fanatical devotee of one of the great enemies of God the 20th century produced: Ayn Rand.  [Read More…]

Plastic Android Suffers Programming Failure

Confronted by a surprise request for an expression of core principles, the Rombot 2012 generated a General Protection Fault error message: GOP engineers are currently analyzing the software to see if the Rombot 2012 can be fixed in time to simulate interest in this particular issue in time for the election. [Read more…]

Sinister Multi-Millionaire Continues Campaign to Help Obama Win

Charles Krauthammer provides the analysis of the latest chapter in this dark conspiracy. Meanwhile, the White House fights back by doing its part to help Romney win. [Read more…]

The GOP Nominee

Made a fortune incinerating babies. Had big fundraiser at the home of the maker of the Morning After Pill just a couple of months ago. Now talking about picking pro-abort Condi Rice for his running mate. Look. I can grok the idea of voting for the guy on the theory that a patrician with zero [Read More…]

Sinister Wealthy Financier Continues to Supply Aid to Obama Campaign

His name: Mitt Romney. The guy should just put on a top hat and monocle and be done with it. [Read more…]

Because abortion is *such* a burning concern to the GOP leadership…

…Mitt Romney holds a fund-raiser with the manufacturer of the Morning After Pill. For those asking, “What should we do?” here is my answer about what I, at any rate, will do. [Read more…]