The Fear of the Lord…

…is the paradoxical confirmation of the virtue of hope.  How can that be? Pop over to the Register for the discussion.  This series will finally be wrapping up with the final piece next time.  Then it’s on to a discussion of the other kind of spiritual gifts: charisms. [Read more…]

The Fear of the Lord: The Beginning of Wisdom

…continues our series on the Gift of the Holy Spirit over at the Register.  If you’ve missed previous installments, there are links to the whole series at the bottom of the piece. [Read more…]

Saints Teach us Piety

The latest in the series on the Gifts of the Spirit I’ve been writing for the Register. [Read more…]

The latest on the Sanctifying Gift of Knowledge…

…can be found here. If you’ve missed the rest of the series, follow the links for Introduction: Part  1; Wisdom: Part  2, Part  3; Understanding: Part  4, Part  5, Part  6; Counsel: Part  7, Part  8; Fortitude: Part  9, Part  10, Part  11; Knowledge: Part  12, Part  13, and Part  14 and Part  15. [Read more…]

The Gift of Knowledge…

…glorifies God above all.  Let’s talk about it over at the Register! [Read more…]

According to the Church, Fortitude is a Natural Virtue

That means you don’t have to be baptized or a believer to have it. If so, why is there also a spiritual gift of fortitude that comes with the sacrament of Confirmation? Here’s why. [Read more…]


…is a good thing to pursue. Go for it! [Read more…]