The Great Thing about the Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal for our Chattering Classes…

…was that it provided the incredibly satisfying feeling of caring about children who were sexually abused without having to actually, you know, care or anything. The demonstration of just how shallow and uncaring our Chattering Classes are is this: How many of the people who fake concern about sexual abuse have continued making Woody Allen [Read More...]

There’s nothing quite so daft as a British Intellectual of the Left

Sex offenders including paedophiles should be allowed to adopt, Theresa May told Rules which bar sex offenders from working with children are ‘unfair’ and even convicted paedophiles should have the right to adopt, a leading legal academic has said. What could it possibly hurt? The longer time goes on, the more obvious it becomes that [Read More...]

A reader from the troubled Mpls diocese writes:

I listened to you on October 8, 2013, at the Argument of the Month Event in St. Paul, MN. I believe you did an excellent job and in my opinion I believe your advice for the average Catholic was much better than that from the opposing side. Praying, fasting, and almsgiving (charity) is action that [Read More...]

A reader from Mpls/St. Paul writes:

Please keep Archbishop Nienstedt and the Catholic Church in Minnesota in your prayers. Today Archbishop Nienstedt was accused of inappropriately touching a teenaged boy during a confirmation group photo in 2009. I have met and spoken with Archbishop Nienstedt on several occasions and I think the accusation is bogus and am increasingly wondering if there [Read More...]

SNAP Crosses the Line into Inciting Vigilantes

…publishes email addresses and phone numbers of accused priests.  If somebody gets hurt, SNAP has blood on their hands.  We still practice due process in this country. [Read more...]

Billy Graham’s Grandson Says Evangelical Abuse Problem Worse Than Catholic’s

He may be right, but I wouldn’t know that.  And I don’t much care if he is (except insofar as Evangelical children at risk matter as much as Catholic ones or public school ones).  The basic principle at work here is “Worry about your own sins”.  It matters that any child is at risk and [Read More...]

More Blood on the Floor in Minnesota

Archdiocesan moral cretins hid priest’s porn collection (including child porn) from cops and parishioners. This is, by the way, a different priest from the one MPR reported on last week. Classic Institutional Butt Cover moment: When the archdiocese lawyer describes the chancellor-turned-whistleblower as a “disgruntled former employee.” Yes. Disgust over covering up child porn does [Read More...]

Kevin O’Brien to Shoutin’ Bill Donohue…

For the love of God (literally), will you please just shut up? Prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and the works of mercy wouldn’t hurt either. [Read more...]

Why People Were Right and Wrong…

…to be outraged by the priest scandal. [Read more...]

Yet Another Hideous Spectacle

…of bureaucratic butt-covering, incompetence, and failure to deal with an obviously predatory priest. It will be interesting to see if the civil authority puts more than the priest in jail.  I’m all for jailing whoever the civil authority finds  guilty of criminal acts, up to and including the bishop if the evidence is there.  I’m [Read More...]

The Infallible Faithful Conservative Catholic Anti-Charism of Discernment Marches On!

From the subculture that learned nothing from Maciel, circled the wagons for Euteneuer, backed unjust war and torture more ardently than the average American, defended Ayn Rand as Aristotle Redivivus, seriously believed that Romney was a Changed Man about abortion and somebody who cared about the HHS Mandate, attacked the bishop who investigated Corapi as a “satanic” [Read More...]

Tom Kreitzberg Speaks for Me…

…regarding the preposterous claim that there was nothing the Diocese of San Diego could do for an abused woman and her four children besides kick mom out of her job and ban the kids from the school system for the crime of being abused: There are no Knights of Columbus councils in San Diego? No [Read More...]